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Abolish the airforce ?

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  • Abolish the airforce ?

    has anyone read this book ? thoughts ?

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    My thoughts?

    ACG has an "Air Power" sub/sub forum as part of the "Weapons of War" sub forum.

    You will find there this thread:

    Is It Time to Abolish the U.S. Air Force?

    I'm wondering why posters open new threads when there is a perfectly good one dealing with this EXACT topic.

    This is in addition to the numerous other threads previously opened dealing with this EXACT topic.

    IMO, it is much more sensible to reduce the number of threads dealing with a specific topic.

    That way, pertinent information such as the book linked to in the OP, can be concentrated and discussed as part of a logical exercise, rather than being scattered about all over the place "shotgun" fashion.

    I try to follow my own advice wherever possible.
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    "It's like shooting rats in a barrel."
    "You'll be in a barrel if you don't watch out for the fighters!"

    "Talking about airplanes is a very pleasant mental disease."
    ó Sergei(son of Igor) Sikorsky, 'AOPA Pilot' magazine February 2003.


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