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    My son's grandfather served in the 1st Cavalry Division, 2-8th in Vietnam in 1967. I'm trying to track down some books or anything else that covers his unit during 1967.

    My google searches have brought me to some sites with very basic histories, but nothing with too much detail.

    I'd like to help my son understand what his grandfather went through and provide him some history, so any thoughts you guys might have on tracking down a more detailed unit history would be very helpful.


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    Are military records released by your gov?
    My brother has been able to aquire all records from the the gov. They dont tell a great detail about actions but i found it interesting none the less, especially when you never knew the person.
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      You may have found this, but start here - you may even find some people who know/knew your son's grandfather!!:,00.html

      Make some contacts and I bet you can get some serious history from the horses mouth!

      Depending on what Company he was in, these also may be helpful:

      Some other histories of battles fought by the 2-8 Cav:
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        Thanks guys. Some good stuff there.

        I feel a little funny contacting vets as my son's (actually my step son) grandfather is still alive and I don't really know him too well. He was down for a visit and I took him to The Wall with my son. He doesn't really talk about it much.

        Thanks for your help.


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