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Our Wars In 2 Minutes: WW1 to ISIS

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  • Our Wars In 2 Minutes: WW1 to ISIS

    Is war beyond our understanding? For several months I've read many different opinions on this subject throughout the forum which has been extremely enlightening.

    With this question in mind and being a film editor I decided to create a video titled 'Our Wars In 2 Minutes' that covers the major wars since WW1 up until ISIS.

    Having worked on this for a couple of months it would be extremely rewarding to hear back from a community that has informed much of my knowledge on international conflicts.

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    Quite a compilation. I appreciate what I think you're trying to achieve.
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      We are all very good at killing each other but in the scheme of things who starts it all......look at recorded history and most if not all wars have been started for religious or political reasons.....priests of all religions and politicians of all ilks have started wars but it has been delegated to the common man to go out and fight them....It has been that way since the first guys in a cave argued over a club to the latest president/prime minister/ etc looking for mythical weapons or the "my god is better than your god" train of thought.......look at how many years of recorded peace there is in history.....not many.....


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