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US stealth pilot and the Serb who shot him down

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  • US stealth pilot and the Serb who shot him down

    US stealth pilot and the Serb who shot him down

    A former US Air Force pilot and the man who shot his stealth plane down during Nato's operation in Serbia have struck a remarkable friendship.

    Breaking bread with the enemy is one thing. Making it together is a step that former foes do not usually take.

    But in Zoltan Dani's kitchen, that is exactly what is happening. Once the commander of a crack Yugoslav anti-aircraft rocket unit, the former colonel has swapped his camouflage for an apron and now runs a successful bakery.

    Even more remarkably, kneading the dough beside him is former United States Air Force pilot, Dale Zelko.
    BBC - Full Article

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    Great story -

    I believe there's another thread floating around somewhere that details the event itself, and the particulars of how the AA guys managed to get the shot in.
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      Interesting, their initials are inverse of each other: DZ and ZD.


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        Originally posted by Daemon of Decay View Post
        I did what? ..........I was aiming at my next door neighbour up on his roof.........Honest!! ........Never mind I'll get the bugger next time!! lcm1
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          I've seen/heard several versions of this action, and of the other US pilot shot down by the Serbs. Whatever version I sense some major screw ups and embarassment on the part of the US mission planers/commanders in both cases. Hitting the Chinese consulates building was no prize either.


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