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Border tensions easing?

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  • Border tensions easing?

    It's been reported that the North Korean and South Korean Navies have made radio contact for the first time in an effort to reduce tensions in the region?

    Koreas ease border tensions

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    You sure it wasn't just some EMP Alpha waves from the South Koreans trying to brainwash the loyal Democratic People's fine troops with their lies about prosperity and unlimited food supplies?
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      Or vice versa?
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        I saw a press announcement a few days ago that both sides had agreed to remove the giant propaganda billboards and stop broadcasting propaganda into each other's countries. Missed the effective date, so it may be now.

        BTW, one of the big hit movies in ROK 2 years ago was a fictional piece about a ROK soldier who meets some NKPA soldiers and discovers they're just regular guys like him. They have a bunch of parties and have a good time together before there is a murder. The rest of the movie is the investigation into the murder, with a strange twist ending -- a ROK soldier did the murders. It starred one of the big hit young actors in ROK. Something like that could not have been made 30 years ago.

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          sounds more like a trap, bring them close to the border, then BAM!


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            Heck! Any kind of talk is better than no talk at all.
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              ^^^not unless they're saying 10 seconds to launch.


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                Janos,thats been a theme in Korean films as of late;War films with a anti-govt theme. Silmido and Tai gu gi (the name of the ROK flag,not sure of the spelling) Silmido is a true story of a "dirty dozen bunch that get executed when the mission to kill Kim Iil Sung gets scrubbed and Tai Gu gi seems to be about a Korean Soldier that switches sides at one point.

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                  Its hard to know what to believe from the South Koreans, since it was revealed that their "Sunshine Policy" was nothing more than a series of bribes (in the hundreds of millions) to the DPRK to show up at "diplomatic conferences" and look friendly. When the money stopped DPRK threats and propaganda started - all the while, Kim and gang were continuing to build their forces.

                  One thing is certain, the DPRK does not bargain in good faith - they will sign nearly anything, but will not follow through on anything that is not directly to their benefit. Kim is in his early 60's and while it is known that one of his sons is picked to succeed, it is not certain which will do so. Reportedly the elder is out of favor, but confirmation is near impossible. Kim has no known health issues that I have heard, but again, conformation is the issue. Rumors abound that the son who succeeds will face a harder welcome than Kim, possibly being discarded in favor of a successor hand-picked by the KPA and KWP, or perhaps a power struggle will erupt.

                  There is also the possibility of an implosion - as the DPRKs economy and infrastructure decay, and if the various criminal enterprises that supply hard currency (e.g. Korean Yakuza in Japan) dry up, the country could simply self-destruct. The consequences of this are horrifying - the populace, already at starvation level, would die in droves; an already overburdened and inadequate healthcare system will fall apart and the infrastructure will simply disintegrate. While a popular uprising is not necessarily likely, the nation could simply stop, and Kim and his cronies would topple. Thus would the DPRK be consigned to the rubbish bin of history.
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