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  • nukes

    I believe that had Truman used nuclear weapons during the Korean War, he would have been seen as a hero among the American people one more time.
    The main reason he didnt is because of the threat of Soviet intervention and the "Big Red" threat that was already aiding North Korea, "China".
    Today...........without the Soviet Union and the ties with China being better all the time, I believe that the North Korean government needs to be taken down one way or another.
    Lets keep Bush for another 4 years and see how it all works out.

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    Si vis pacem, para bellum. (If you want peace, prepare for war.)

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    And very likely we would have seen a Soviet Attack into Germany.
    That possibility worried Truman FAR more than Korea.


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      Korean nuke use

      Yes, Truman and his advisors extensively considered the good and bad of nuclear use, and certainly had to consider the Soviet response. Truman was well disposed to the utility of nuclear use, but quite reserved on the subject of how Stalin, et al would have reacted, though nuclear use on their part was anything but likely (we still outnumbered them considerably in numbers of weapons). While there was some concern in regards to China, it was rather peripheral. After all, the Chinese would not "go nuclear" until 1966, and we were confident of our ability to blunt their human wave attacks. From my recollections, Truman had some pangs of conscience both of what had happened in Japan, and what may happen in Korea.
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