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Korean leaders issue peace call

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  • Korean leaders issue peace call

    Looks like the Korean War is finally about to end:

    The leaders of North and South Korea have signed a joint declaration calling for peace and closer economic ties between their two nations.
    South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun and his counterpart, Kim Jong-il, signed the declaration after three days of historic talks in Pyongyang.

    The summit was only the second ever between leaders of the two nations.

    The two Koreas did not sign a peace agreement at the end of the Korean war and technically remain at war.
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    It would be nice if the conflict there could finally be resoled. I think that it'll still be many many years before we see any real progress. I can't say that I trust Kim Il all that much. I don't see him giving up power. He'll probably have some kind of angle. I'm pretty sure he'll want the removal of American forces stationed in Korea gone before he moves forward and I don't think the South would be ready for that move just yet. It's just a wait and see game as usual.
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      Good. Would be better if Kim Jung-Il could be trusted.
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        North Korea is still the world's largest concentration camp. The crisis will never be over for those people until that regime is wiped away.


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