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1951's US/NK uniforms compared.

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  • 1951's US/NK uniforms compared.

    Brilliant !
    That rug really tied the room together

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    My Dad was there in 1951-52. He said the uniforms worked pretty well at keeping you warm. It was a just a pain to have to wear such heavy clothing for months on end.
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      Certainly different from what was worn in WWII.


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        North Korean army field uniforms in the Korean War were a sort of mustard color in some instances and a dark green color in other instances. One obviously cannot tell the uniform's color from the b.-&-w. photo below, but the pic is a good illustration of the North Korean field uniform.

        The illustrations below show the contrast between the dark green uniform of some North Korean soldiers, in this case an officer, figure on the left, and the neutral mustard color, figure on the right, used in the Korean War.

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          What became of Post#1
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