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The Civil War at Sea

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  • The Civil War at Sea

    The Civil War was from its beginning on a trade-war. The agrian South depended extremely on its export of its products esspezialy cotton. On the other hand the Confederates depended on the import elemental stuffs for the war economy and on weapon-deliveries. Winfield Scott, the headcommander of the US-army, knew this and presented in spring 1861 his "Anaconda Plan" to the Northern goverment. The US Navy should cut off the rebells from their important trade-partners, like a anaconda strangles her victims. Therefore the Unionist ships should blockade the Confederate harbours and bring the Mississippi under their cobtrol. To control a 6300 long coast and 10 big harbours was very difficult for the small US Navy at the beginning of the war. But the armor-industry of the North delivered her Navy many ships and the South was heavy defeated at sea. Port Royal in South-Carolina was conquested by the Unionists. A navyunit under David G. Farragut took New Orleans, vesseled the Mississippi up and invaded Baton Rouge. To breake the blockade the Confederates builded the steelarmored ship "CSS Virginia" the first destroyer in pyramid form. British builded caper-ships under confederate flag hunted trade-ships of the Union to the same time. But the Northern states could refill their losses quickly by their great economical power. At the end of 1864 Wilmington in North-Carolina was the last confederate harbour on the eastern coast. Also Union canon-boats were controling the Mississippi completely. Lincoln ordered his navy to operate after the Anaconda Plan of Scott. The Unionist attack to the harbours of the Confederates was responsible for the case, that the South scattered his military forces. The authorities of the South guarded their land by military actions and did not support Lees army in Virginia in the decesive war phase in 1863.

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    Doesn't belong in this forum!!


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      A) Wrong forum.

      B) What IS your point?
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        Originally posted by Eric Wittenberg View Post
        A) Wrong forum.

        B) What IS your point?
        He made a similar "book report" post about Gettysburg yesterday in this forum until it was moved. Perhaps he is going with that theory that the American Revolution didn't end until Reconstruction and the XIII and XIV Amendments were ratified?
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