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    I am a newbee here, but I have been trying to find out some information about a musket that I found in the middle of a dead oak tree in West View, VA.

    I really do not know much of the history of the area, other than it was a camp site for the confederates and the tree is across the lane from what was used as a make shift hospital.

    The only markings on the barrel are on the top left side it has something that looks like an "I" or possible a "C" that has a line through the middle of it. Then there is an "X" then a space, then "1861", a space then "X" a space then the same "I or C, with the line through it." On the underside of the barrel there is an "x" and a space and then "W" other than that I cant find any other markings at all. I know this is a long shot but I am hoping that someone will know the history or maker of this gun, and if not maybe someone could point me in the right direction to find out this informaion.

    Thank You!

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    DJ, I'm wouldnt pretend to be the person to answer your question but you couldnt be in a better location to find the answers.
    There's gotta be a ton of collectors, museums, memorabilia stores, etc. in your area.
    Great find--you're a lucky guy. Maybe you could post a picture of it on here. I know a lot of guys would love to see it !!
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      Are there markings on the lock?If possible take the lock off of the gun and there may be some markings on the inside of the lock cover, if so post that and we will see what we come up with.Also what calibre, .58 or .54.
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        Pictures would absolutely be helpful. Also, you are near VMI and New Market, among other places. I am sure there are people there who would be more than capable of helping you.

        Check out the Augusta County Historical Society in Staunton as well.

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