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    I read something by one of Civil War Generals (can't remember who) that what was the usual tipping point on a field of battle when an added Division was thrown in, that numerical superiority at regimental level and even brigade level seldom made a difference, that troops could be moved to various points of pressure.
    Of course there were exceptions, but where a 30-40% casualties seemed heavy, the assertation seemed reasonable.

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    I would think that this would depend on the size of the forces involved.

    In the case of the AOP fighting the ANV at their peaks a brigade could usually do no more than seize a local advantage no matter how favorable the opportunity. It would simply lack the staying power to exploit its advantages unless reinforced.
    "Put guards on all the roads, and don't let the men run to the rear."
    Major General John Buford's final words on his deathbed.


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