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    Books of note in my library:

    -Shelby Footes three part narrative
    -American Uyleses
    -Emory Thomas Lee Bio
    -Civil War Times photographic civil war history (two parts)
    -American Heritage Civil War
    -Pullens 20th Maine

    Probably have another 20 books I've never really opened...also have regimental histories from ancestors.


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      At the risk of looking like I'm circling the question, the ideal number really depends on what you are doing with your collection. Since my interest is research and I don't know what aspect of the war will catch my interest next, my own answer is everything the budget, the shelves, the hard drive, and the wife, will bear. This includes some sources which are really badly done since the question may be "why are some sources badly done?". I couldn't read everything in my possession in three life-times, but keep it so that when a question bothers me I have a good chance at accessing an answer(s). And when I can't find it, there is the forum and friends. Ask yourself what you want out of your collection, and that is your answer.
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