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  • What would you watch?

    If you could build a time machine and go back to the Civil War to watch one event, what would it be? Monitor vs. the Merrimack? Pickett's Charge? The charge up Missionary Ridge? The bayonet charge of the 20th Maine? Curious as to what would be the one thing you would want to see.
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    For me, it would be the grand five-brigade front cavalry charge by the Union horsemen at the climax of the Third Battle of Winchester, September 19, 1864. The five brigade front extended more than three miles, and the eyewitness accounts all say that the earth shook like an earthquake when the Federals came charging at the Confederate infantry.

    I can only imagine what it looked like, and it's definitely a scene I wish I could have seen.

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      The fight of the Iron Brigade for McPherson's Woods on July 1, 1863, always been fascinated by that particular engagement of Gettysburg.


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        Same fight as Boonierat but from the other point of view.
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          I'd have loved to see the artillery duel just before Picketts Charge, third day of Gettysburg battle. I've see five pieces fire at once, and can only imagine what it must have been like for that one!! But not without ear protection!!

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            Grant & Lee putting an end to it all at Appomattox.
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              Originally posted by Notch View Post
              Grant & Lee putting an end to it all at Appomattox.
              That would be mine also. To hear that conversation!
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                Lots of mystery about many things so it is hard to pick just one. Maybe First Manassas/Bull Run to hear Col. Bee give his famous remark about Jackson myself and decide whether or not it was perjorative or complimentary.
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                  Originally posted by Notch View Post
                  Grant & Lee putting an end to it all at Appomattox.
                  This would be mine also.


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                    Not sure what single event I'd pick, but it'd have to be something small. Because how much of an engagement on a three-mile front would I actually be able to see? Once in a great while a commander enjoys a bird's-eye view; much of the time he's like Grant sitting in a clearing while the Battle of the Wilderness plays itself out.

                    A lot of things I'd like to see are too big to take in all at once. Other events are too dangerous to want to be in on -- unless my time machine makes me some kind of incorporeal spirit so I'm safe. Then it might be fun to be with Farragut at Mobile Bay; something like that. But then again, would it be fun? Or would it still be gut-wrenching and utterly disgusting? I don't know.

                    So, yeah -- it'd be cool to sit in on the surrender at Appomattox. Or to hear Lincoln's Gettysburg address live. Or even be in on one of the many councils of war -- maybe find out what really transpired between Lee and Longstreet on the first day of Gettysburg. It'd be even cooler to be able to chat with one of the leaders.
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                      I'd want to stand on the deck of the USS George Washington Parke Custis and witness the first time an observation balloon was towed at 1,000 ft. for several miles. Apart from the fact it was technically the world's first aircraft carrier, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin observed the Union Balloon Corps equipment and tactics. The rest is, as they say, history.
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                        I think that I would love to have heard Lincoln's Second Inaug. or Gettysburg Address live and in person. I would have loved to have been an eyewittness to the surrender of Lee at Appomattox. Anything associated with Lincoln I think would have been amazing because I have always wondered what he was like.
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                          I'd like to hear Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and judge for myself whether or not the Chicago Times was right to say that the three-minute speech was, "Silly, flat and dishwatery utterances." I'd like to ask Lincoln why after giving the address he muttered, "I failed, I failed and that is about all that can be said about it."
                          Hitler played Golf. His bunker shot was a hole in one.


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                            If a panoramic view is not possible, I'd look of Hood's shoulder for all the orders & conversations at Spring Hill in 1864 to find out just what orders were given, to whom and when.


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                              For the "bird's eye" point of view, I'd like to see Fredricksburg from the Heights looking down into Burnside's folly.

                              For those of you who malign Burnside.... he DID do a pretty good job policing up the Outer Banks in NC. Probably why he was promoted above his level of competency.

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