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Hey, Eric! I bought your book!

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  • Hey, Eric! I bought your book!

    I missed the opportunity to meet you when you came into town, much to my regret, so I did the next best thing. I bought a copy of your book Plenty of Blame to go Around.

    Which made it the number one selling book yesterday at the Farnsworth House Book Store for that particular time of day.

    No, seriously, it is good, and will be useful over the years. I suggest it to anyone interested in the Civil War.


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    I was sorry to have missed you at the Mine that night, but I understand that things sometimes come up.

    I'm glad you bought the book, and I'm likewise glad to hear that you find some merit in it.

    We're wrapping up its companion volume, which goes to the publisher in a week or so. The companion is titled One Continuous Fight: The Retreat and Pursuit of Lee's Army, July 4-14, 1863. It includes two driving tours--one of the route of the Wagon Train of Wounded and one that follows the figthing by the armies.

    It will be out by the anniversary next year.

    "If you want to have some fun, jine the cavalry"

    Maj. Gen. James Ewell Brown Stuart


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