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Reenactment Comes to the Midwest!

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  • Reenactment Comes to the Midwest!

    From Yahoo News:

    Civil War battles will come to life next year in the metro.

    The Kansas City Rotary Club announced Thursday that the largest Civil War re-enactment ever staged in the metro area will be held next May. The event, called Stand of Colors, will be a fundraiser for the Rotary's youth camp. More than 1,200 re-enactors are expected to take part in battles on 400 acres at Jerry Smith Farm Park. The Battle of Westport will be one of the campaigns that will be re-created.

    "There are a lot of junior high students in the metropolitan area who spend their year studying the Civil War. We are going to bring it to life for them via this re-enactment," said Rotary Club President Chuck Vogt Jr.

    Stand of Colors will take place May 16, 17 and 18.

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    Good info... I go through KC on the way to my in-laws so there is a good chance me and the rest of the clan may stop by this event next year...

    There is so much history in Missouri....
    Civil War in Missouri and Kansas
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      Thanks for the heads up!

      I am nowhere near there, but encourage those close to check it out!
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        I'll check in with a few friends in that area and see what we can do. Keep us informed.
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