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Confederate Photographs from Georgia.

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  • Confederate Photographs from Georgia.

    It's a multimedia presentation (slide show with narration). Perhaps the most intriquing image is that of a white Captain and a black Servant(?) in Confederate uniform. According the the man who owns the image there is only 6-7 images of a black man in Confederate uniform.
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    Very interesting. Like the one of himself and his son at the end. And smelling all the chemicals is kinda strange. Especially the lavender oil.
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      Neat photos. Putting a man-servant into uniform is almost like playing dolls or something. I find it intruiging that he didn't know the back story on that one. Just because he had a uniform on doesn't necessarily mean that he "fought". I'm glad that the distinction was made between seeing a black servant in uniform & calling him a "soldier". He looks young enough to be a drummer boy perhaps....
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        Cool, thanks.


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          Very interesting. I'm fascinated by the photos... there are so few of Confederates relative to Union photos. It's interesting that the collector/narrator uses the term 'servant'-- I doubt that there was a choice about serving. But then I find myself wanting to believe the man gave the boy a uniform because he believed a kid that age would be so proud to have one of his very own--(whether butternut or blue)
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