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Ulysess Grant's Memoirs Review?

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  • Ulysess Grant's Memoirs Review?


    I wanted to know if anybody has read Ulysess Grant's personal memoirs on his military career during the Civil War?

    I have ordered it with my book gift certificate, I have read a lot of reviews on this, both professional and amateurs as well. A lot of reviewers said this was a darn good memoir, perhaps the best historical memoir of 19th century, a period when the memoirs were just becoming something of a norm in the political or military careers.

    I wanted to know how the good community of WarfareHQ felt about this book?

    It's my first taste of a primary source on the Civil War, so it should be an interesting memoir to read quietly and calmly in safety of my reclining chair.

    Major James Holden, Georgia Badgers Militia of Rainbow Regiment, American Civil War

    "Aim small, miss small."

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    I just finished that a couple of months ago. Overall its a very good read. One thing that came through was that Grant was not a man afraid of making a decision and acting on it. Also he was his own man in the field who did not like kow towing to those above him ( especially Halleck!).

    Grant was compared to most high ranking Generals a humble man who did not put on airs and graces. Any promotion he got was based on results, themselves based on common sense decision making and implementation.

    The only part of the book which a bit heavy going was the Wilderness Campaign. If your copy contains the original maps it might be worth while digging out something a bit more up to date and less cluttered to follow the moves of the various units.


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