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    Mexican trench from 1835 in San Antonio

    Archaeologists who investigated an old trench uncovered during San Antonio's Main Plaza renovations found bits of ammunition, sword tips and other artifacts that tell the story of Mexican soldiers who dug in there to protect themselves from Texian rebels during an 1835 siege that preceded the battle of the Alamo.
    "This tells us a little about the Mexican soldiers. Here are people in Main Plaza trying to defend themselves," Anderson said.
    Historians believe Mexican troops under the command of Gen. Martín Perfecto de Cos hastily dug trenches around the perimeter of Main Plaza 172 years ago as Texians launched the first major campaign of the Texas Revolution. Cos surrendered Dec. 9, 1835, according to historical accounts. Three months later, Gen. Antonio López de Santa Anna began the 13-day siege on the Alamo on Feb. 23, 1836.
    Every 10 years a great man.
    Who paid the bill?

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    or Tejanos, both probably but Mexicans in the trench.


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