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Fight for the ‘14th Colony,’

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  • Fight for the ‘14th Colony,’

    Online version of an article in the latest print version of their magazine "Military History";

    The Fight for the ‘14th Colony,’ Nova Scotia

    When news of the June 17, 1775, Battle of Bunker Hill reached Nova Scotia, those sympathetic to the American cause proclaimed the news far and wide.
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    An interesting article. However, while the population of Nova Scotia at the time seems to have been a majority of ex-pat New Englanders (and their descendants), the article seems to leave unanswered as to WHY the potential for the population to join the revolution didn't materialize. Recruitment drives resulted in very small numbers of volunteers. Was it due to the handful of small incursions that did occur largely didn't succeed? Was it a lack of material and effort diverted from the larger revolution? Was the RN squadron posted in the area enough of a deterrent? Or did the potentially sympathetic population just not share the same fervor as the 13 colonies to the south? And if so, why?


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