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  • Ebenezer West 1732-1822

    I have been recently researching one of my Revolutionary War relatives, Ebenezer West. West was born in 1732 in Rhode Island and served as a soldier in the French and Indian War. He later founded Minerva, New York, with his sons.
    When I heard he was in the Revolution, I began to research what unit he would have been in. I found two Ebenezer Wests, one in Connecticut and one in Rhode Island. I am trying to figure out which would be him. I read he lived in Newport, Rhode Island, until 1782 and all his sons served in Rhode Island units who served, but I do see many instances of soldiers enlisting in both Rhode Island and Connecticut regiments regardless of what state your from.
    I quote from Historical Register of the Continental Army Officers

    West, Ebenezer (Conn). Sergeant, 3rd Connecticut, 9th May to 18th December, 1775; Second Lieutenant of Sage's Connecticut State Regiment, 20th June to 25th December, 1776; Adjutant of Ely's Connecticut State Regiment, June, 1777; taken prisoner on Long Island Expedition, 10th December, 1777; exchanged 8th December, 1780

    West, Ebenezer (R. I.) Ensign 11th Continental Infantry, 1st January to 31st December, 1776; 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Rhode Island, 11th February 1777; cashiered 9th July, 1778

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    I took it upon myself to run some searches on Ebenezer West of RI and CT. It looks like your guy, the one who died in Minerva, NY @ 1822 was the one who was from Newport RI.

    Just some preliminary info from and WikiTree.

    Ebenezer West was the son of William West and Jane Tanner
    He was born 9 April, 1732 in Westerly, Washington Co. RI and married Waite Carr in Newport, RI on Feb 22, 1760.

    He is in the 1774 Census of RI in Newport.

    It appears that he is the Ebenezer West who was with a Connecticut Company called Knowlton’s Rangers when they surrendered at Fort Washington on Nov 16, 1776. He is listed there as an Ensign from Hitchcock’s RI Cont. Regt. This is from the book: Record of service of Connecticut men in the I. War of the Revolution, II. War of 1812, III. Mexican War which can be found on

    He shows up on 1810 Census in Schroon, Essex County, NY with Ebenezer West, Junior, Nathan West, John West and an Ithamar West in another entry so below the others.

    1820 Census for Minerva, Essex County, NY lists
    West, Ebenezer, 3rd
    West, Warren
    West, Amon
    West, Nathan
    West, Ebenezer
    West, John
    West, William
    West, Lenox
    West, William
    West, Ithamar
    West, Ezra

    An Ebenezer West from Tolland, Ct b 1757 and his father Oliver West were in the Connecticut troops during the Revolution, but it looks like they died in Lee, Berkshire County, MA

    There was another Ebenezer West of Lebanon, CT who is listed as re-enlisting in the Conn. Line in Jan. 1, 1777, but I don’t think that is your guy, but it is possible.

    You need to run searches on the Ebenezer West of Lebanon, CT to try to eliminate him. I think when I was running the census searches on that there was an Ebenezer West showing up there for 1790 and 1810.

    Do some time lines on everything you can find out about each one and the companies they were in to help you determine who was who.

    If you are descended from Ebenezer West, (and I think you probably are) who was the son of William West of Westerly, RI then you are descended from George Soule, a Mayflower Passenger.

    You might want to get a hold of George Soule of the Mayflower and his Descendants for Four Generations. "Mayflower Families in Progress" Plymouth, Massachusetts: General Society of Mayflower Descendents, 2006.
    Daniel Hitchcock (15 February 1739 – 13 January 1777) was born in Massachusetts and graduated from Yale University. He moved to Providence, Rhode Island where he became an attorney and was suspected by the authorities of involvement in the Gaspee Incident. At the start of the American Revolutionary War he formed Hitchcock's Regiment of infantry in the Rhode Island Army of Observation. He was first appointed lieutenant colonel in command of the regiment when it marched to serve in the Siege of Boston in 1775. His regiment was renamed the 11th Continental Regiment during 1776. That year, he led his troops at Long Island, Harlem Heights, and White Plains.
    On June 1775, Hitchcock authorized the Providence County Regiment, which was organized as eight companies of volunteers from Providence County of the colony of Rhode Island. The Regiment's first battle was the Siege of Boston, the opening battle of the American Revolutionary War. At the start of 1776, the Regiment was renamed to the 11th Continental Regiment. The colonists were victorious on May 17, 1776, and the British were removed from the town of Boston, Massachusetts.
    There is a book on Google Books that tells all about Hitchcock's Regiment and its adventures. THE BATTLE OF HARLEM HEIGHTS SEPTEMBER 16, 1776 WITH A REVIEW OF THE EVENTS OF THE CAMPAIGN By Henry P. Johnston

    Nathan Hale was a part of Hitchcock's Regiment.
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      I did a quick look at Fold3 and ran a search on Ebenezer West in the Revolutionary War papers there. In the pension file of William West of Minerva, NY there is an affidavit from Ebenezer himself in 1820 that says that William West is his son. Then within the application there is a statement that William West served in Hitchcock’s Regiment RI line. William West received 2 Honarary Badges for his long and faithful service when he was furloughed in June, 1783.

      In the Revolutionary War Rolls Ebenezer is listed as belonging to Hitchcocks Regiment in the Rangering service, and then in the 11th.

      There is a wealth of genealogical data contained in the pension files of Nathan West #19596 and William West #14814. Nathan West was a fifer according to his pension application. In the service records in Col. Israel Angell Reg. Capt. William Allen’s Company for the month of May 1778 Ebenezer West is Lieut. And a Nathan Wist is listed in the Drum and Fife col. In June of 1778 they are there. In July of 1778, only Nathan West shows up.

      Also the Revolutionary Rolls of Ebenezer West of Sages' Regiment says that he is from Lebanon, so I think he is the same man in the 1790 and 1800 census records in Lebanon.

      If you are descended from Nathan West or William West of Minerva, NY that is really neat. Lots of information about them in the files, including a letter from a lady that says that Ebenezer died in the home of Nathan West in Minerva.

      I wish I could be so lucky as to find so much wonderful information in my people's files.
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        Ebenezer West, Minerva, Essex, New York


        I am wracking my brains out trying to figure out which one of the Revolutionary War Vets is my 4th great grandfather. Family trees list William. or Nathan, but there is very little to find on William. Warren West my 3rd gg was born in Vermont, moved to New York, and then moved to Branch Michigan with his wife Sylvia and their children, Nathan is buried in Minerva, but I can't find any birth or death records on William, and brother have I looked.

        If you have any information at all I would sure appreciate knowing. I'm stuck on William, and can go no farther.

        Thanks in advance if you care to respond.


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          Hi Betty,
          I suggest that you try to get access to Fold3 at your local library. I have access online through my library but the Revolutionary War Pension files are not available currently online. I don’t know if they would be at the library. It appears that now limits access to Premium Memberships. If you can access it William West has a file relating to his Revolutionary War service. I don’t recall if he had a pension file.

          The Genealogy Gopher website has a book on line entitled Minerva, a history of a town in Essex County, New York that says that William West was on record there until 1821 and that he married a woman named Lucy, surname unknown.

 lists several children for Nathan, none of which are named Warren West. There is no information about William West’s children in that tree.

          My county library has a subscription to, I suggest that you see if yours does also if you are not already a subscriber. There are people on there that are posting information about Nathan. You might try contacting them. (On one of the guys that I am currently working on, I found a cousin who had had a DNA test done that helped to determine which branch of the Chase family we are from). You never know what good information you might get from a distant relative.

          Have you contacted the Minerva, NY Historical Society? They may have records or contributed files for the West family. I just noticed on their website that they have a picture of a lady who married Lenox West who I think was one of the sons of Nathan West and that someone had contributed a shawl that had belonged to her. So obviously the West family is still involved in contributing to the Society.

          One of the sources I found said that the Wests had lived in Vershire, Orange County, Vermont for some time after the Revolution. There may be marriage and birth records available there as it is likely that William would have married there and had children there if his brother, Nathan, did.

          I did find why Ebenezer was cashiered on Someone had posted it.

          • General Orders, 12 July 1778
          General Orders
          Head-Quarters Peramus [N.J.] Sabbath July 12th 1778.
          Parole Bridgewater—C. Signs Bergen. Bristol.
          At a General Court Martial in the Right Wing of the Army at Watersisson1 July 9th 1778—Lieutt Coll Meade President, Captain Lipscomb, Acting Quarter-Master General to the Division commanded by Majr General Baron de Steuben, tried for treating the General in a disrespectful manner.
          After considering the Charge and Evidence the Court are unanimously of opinion that Captain Lipscomb is not guilty of the Charge exhibited against him and do acquit him with honor.
          The General approves the sentence; He is willing to believe that Captain Lipscomb did not intend that disrespect to Baron de Steuben, which the Baron apprehended, at the same time he must observe that there was an Impropiety in Captain Lipscomb’s taking quarters in a house destined for the General commanding the Division.
          At the same Court Lieutt West of Coll Angell’s Regiment was tried for plundering the property of Mrs Golf in the Month of December A.D. 1776. found guilty of the Charge exhibited against him and sentenced to be discharged from the service2—The Commander in Chief confirms the sentence, and orders it to take place immediately.
          The Commander in Chief directs that no sick be left on this ground but that they be all carried to King’s-Ferry—Spare Waggons are to be provided for such as cannot be conveyed on the Baggage Waggons.
          The Post-Office will in future on a march move and remain with the Park.
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            A bit more. I think I have your guy's death record, and some other information on William West.

            I found William West’s pension application and some other documents on, in the military records. It looks he died in or around Naples, in Ontario county, NY. or at least he had a daughter there. At some time around 1832 he made his second application for pension. This particular file has affidavits from Ebenezer West and Nathan West in it, testifying that they knew of his military experience. It also has his 1821 application for pension from Essex County, NY

            So I ran a census search in Ontario County, NY and actually found a Warren West born 1799, living in Naples, Ontario County, NY. This is on a 1855 NY State Census.
            Warren West
            Sylvia West
            Oliver West
            Henry West
            Cynthia West

            Off to the right side in when you run searches there are other places to search. So after I found the above I saw a Michigan reference and hit it. It is death records.
            Warren West
            in the Michigan, Deaths and Burials Index, 1867-1995
            Name: Warren West
            Birth Date: abt 1798
            Birth Place: Vermont
            Death Date: 17 Nov 1878
            Death Place: Union, Branch, Michigan
            Death Age: 80
            Occupation: Farmer
            Race: White
            Marital Status: Widowed
            Gender: Male
            Father Name: William West
            FHL Film Number: 930801

            And again a reference to birth records in Vermont that says he was born in April 30, 1798 in Woodbury Vermont to William West.

            Now don’t take this as gospel because there is another Warren West who did not die in 1878 but is showing up on the census records in Batavia, Genesse County, NY in 1880 census, that could be the guy in Naples, Ontario County, NY.

            At any rate I hope this gives you some further places to work on.
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              William and Warren West.

              Wow, The death record of Warren West listing his father as William West is a tremendous help to me. I found a birth record from Woodbury Vermont, plus the census records from Naples, Ontario, New York and I am pretty sure the Warren West who died in Branch Michigan is my 3rd Great Grandfather.

              One of his children was Clarissa West, my great great grandmother who was born in Naples, Ontario and moved to Branch Michigan with her husband Charles Hatch, his father Charles C Hatch, and their children.

              I am so grateful to you for taking the time to respond, I lost my mother when I was a teenager and I never asked questions, so I really have my work cut out for me. But I do remember my father telling me my mom descended from royalty. At the time I was busy being a foolish kid; what I wouldn't give to talk to them now.

              Thank you again, I am thrilled with the information.



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                Ebenezer, William and Warren West

                One more thing. According to records on Ancestry, Ebenezer moved to Minerva, Essex County, New York in his later years. There is a short article mentioning both William and Warren on Stories and Histories.



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                  I have a ancestor named Nancy West, but she was from Georgia.

                  Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

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                    Betty, I was happy to help.

                    Now if I could solve a couple of my genealogical problems so easily I would be in high clover.

                    Happy Hunting!
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                      Just ran across a little tidbit, in my researching one of my ancestors, that fifer, Nathan West, was in the so-called Black Regiment in a company commanded by Captain Stephen Olney, in the Yorktown Campaign. The Regiment was commanded by General Lafayette. The Black Regiment at that time was composed of about 30% black freedmen, freemen and Indians. The Source at shows a photo of Nathan West's tombstone in Minerva, NY.
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