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The Costs of Empire: Native Americans and the Origins of the Stamp Act

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  • The Costs of Empire: Native Americans and the Origins of the Stamp Act


    Hope this is of some interest:-

    This month, 250 years ago, the British Parliament in London met to consider the vehement colonial response to the hated Stamp Act. The tax had been introduced in 1764 to raise revenue from the colonies in North America. But as most Americans know, colonial protests forced Parliament to back down, and in doing so, set off the fuse that would eventually ignite the American Revolution. Yet few Americans know why this legislation was passed in the first place.


    Andy H
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    Thanks for sharing. I always find it very interesting to read different perspectives on how, why, and when the ball started rolling toward the revolution.

    If asked, I tend to place most of the blame on the Proclamation of 1763. It drove a wedge between GB and the colonies that was not to be repaired.

    But, if questioned further, I'm rather fascinated by the starting role George Washington played as a young man, way, way back before the Revolution. As a young officer at Fort Necessity, if he had not signed that paper "confessing" to be an assassin, causing an "international" incident - perhaps the Seven Years War (French-Indian War) could have been avoided or postponed, eliminating or delaying the snowball effect of future events. But, it happened the way it did, and I find it intriguing to contemplate Washington's full circle role in it.


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      Those were not Native Americans.

      Typical colonial power arrogance and racism coupled with in-bred ignorance of the aristocratic class.
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        Just the history of not wanting to pay for government services after the fact. Extreme liberals and the far right have this sort of anarchy in common.
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