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A Marriage Made in Heaven: Brooklyn and Beer

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  • A Marriage Made in Heaven: Brooklyn and Beer

    Throughout most of the 19th century, New York was a major destination for Germans looking to settle in the New World. Many chose the northern parts of Brooklyn, which was fortuitous, because City of Brooklyn (back then, Brooklyn was the US' fourth largest city, not joined with Manhattan until 1898) had just constructed a large reservoir to meet the growing city's need for water. So the German newcomers did what Germans do best: they founded breweries, a topic that was discussed some time ago here on ACG.

    More recently some intrepid documentarians produced a film recounting the history of brewing in the County of Kings. Saw it myself the other night on our local PBS outlet, and enjoyed it immensely.
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    Back in the '50s my best friend and I pilfered his dad's six-pack of Schlitz from the 'fridge and had ourselves a tipple under the old spruce tree in the backyard. We got caught but not before we had our first taste of sin and really enjoyed it. (not so much later on...) I've had Schlitz since that time and the flavor I remembered was not there.
    Flashback again to my old uncle Joe and his longneck Ballantine Ale. A taste all its own. Then as a 16 year old sneaking into the Jumbo, where you could get served if you could reach the counter without a booster seat, and being asked by the ancient barkeep, "Wadday'want?", panicking and blurting out "Bally Ale". What you got was a fresh, cold, seven ounce glass of citrusy, bubbly and slightly bitter, real Bally Ale for 15 cents. Now, that's what I'm talkin' about.
    I can't find that particular taste anymore. Sad.
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