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Perm in Ontario

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    Originally posted by Marmat View Post
    ... the Perm you refer to is in Mulmur Twp., in Dufferin County; I worked in Shelburne Detachment back in 1986-87, we policed all of Dufferin County. I drove through the area on almost a daily basis, locals may have referred to it, "Perm" may have appeared on a County map at the time but I can't say I remember it now.

    I can tell you that Mulmur, and Mono Twp's are amongst the most scenic in the Prov. that don't abut on water. They sit on the northern extension of the Niagara Escarpment; treed rolling hills, large horse/mixed farms, trout creeks and ponds, affluent homes, and vacation properties. The area, like others settled post-War of 1812, was more British than American. The Queen Mum visited and stayed with friends in Mono back then.

    The summary that John supplied applies to many small farming hamlets that grew through the 19th Century; a mill, church, houses, stores, a school, were built next to water or at a crossroads (Perm is at a nondescript crossroads). Over time, only a cemetery, perhaps a schoolhouse turned residence, a large stone/brick house or two, or church, and foundations remain; they're ubiquitous in rural Ontario. Most, like Perm don't even have a sign unless they're on a major road (vs. concession or side road), these former hamlets don't even rate to be called "Ghost Towns".

    Incidentally, my wife and I purchased our first home, in a small community called Springwater Lakes near Whitfield (just a church and cemetery remain) in Mulmur, all of 6.6 km driving distance to the west of Perm; hey, we were Perm suburbanites!
    Thanks for shedding more light on this matter! It's nice to hear from someone who had been there personally.
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      There's also a Permian Basin in Texas which is a large oilfield area. I'm surprised Doc hasn't been here to mention it.


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        There are lots of places that have been dying since the 60's. North Louisiana is losing its population big time. There is little industry and the children are moving away. Where they once had a multitude of small and very small Basketball High Schools, even they are disappearing.

        I once had family in Rodessa, Louisiana. They have now died off and no one has taken their place. When I was small I remember lots of shell streets and could see across the highway and railroad tracks where some brick buildings were. When I was 15, the trees had grown enough to where I could not see across the railroad tracks any more. In the 80's I drove up there for my Great Uncle's funeral and saw they had replaced the red light with a blinking yellow light. The woods were really getting thick as well. I don't recall seeing the street my other Great Uncle lived on.

        Some schools in North Louisiana dropped Football and the community died. Playing in the same district as Super Talent Shreveport Private Church Schools did not help either. Cotton Valley has disappeared and has no school there anymore. Sicily Island has brought back Football but it may be too late as they are half the enrollment they once were. There used to be small high schools North of My Aunt Bessie's farm that have gone under. My family once played at Vidalia and Ferriday Highs. They have all left as both schools are Minority now.

        If you can drive distances along railroad tracks notice the signs that indicate towns that have disappeared!

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          Originally posted by MarkV View Post
          Most duplicates are due to home sick settlers naming their new place after where they came from (eg Boston) There were a lot of refugees from Russia settled in Canada in the 19th century. This principle applies in a lot of places but for example I'm not sure whether Melbourne in Australia is named after Lord Melbourne a British Prime Minister or the town of Melbourne in Derbyshire.

          Places like Cairo and Memphis do puzzle me as I doubt that there was much of an influx of Egyptian settlers in the early colonies/USA

          As well as the Finmark Station in Petrograd (where Lenin arrived) there was also a Finmark Station in Canada
          The City of Melbourne is named in honour of William Lamb, the 2nd Viscount Melbourne, Prime Minister of the day.
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            There was once a Perm island in Australia too - found a news paper report from the 1840s of an 'orrible murder committed there
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              Originally posted by MarkV View Post
              There are apparently 3 Perm islands in the world. One is off the coast of Maryland, one off the coast of Yemen* and one off the coast of Ireland. It would seem likely that the Settlers of Perm Canada came from the last of these.

              * Once known as Perim island
              Originally posted by johns624 View Post
              There's also a Permian Basin in Texas which is a large oilfield area. I'm surprised Doc hasn't been here to mention it.
              Originally posted by MarkV View Post
              There was once a Perm island in Australia too - found a news paper report from the 1840s of an 'orrible murder committed there
              So, there are more than one namesake (albeit the connection is just homonymistic). Nice to know, thank you all!

              As of tiny villages being depopulated, one can see the similar process here in Russia. People move from smaller places to big cities. But, no relation to this particular thread.
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                Originally posted by johns624 View Post
                That area of northeastern Pennsylvania has quite a few biblical place names. There's also Nazareth, Galilee, Damascus and Mt Ararat, just off the top of my head.
                A legacy of the Quakers from the 18th century, no doubt.
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