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    I wonder if he is going to reply to your post?

    We are not now that strength which in old days
    Moved earth and heaven; that which we are we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts
    Made weak by time and fate but strong in will
    To strive to seek to find and not to yield.


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      Originally posted by Ricthofen View Post
      And I applaud them for doing so. Unfortunately though, I don't think any of the former colonial powers can truely repair the civilization-destroying damages they inflicted on Aboriginal peoples.
      Well then let’s stop apologizing for it shall we.
      Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedy. -- Ernest Benn


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        Originally posted by Douglas MacArth View Post
        Hello! I am new to this forum. This is my first post, so I hope it goes well.
        At several years ago, Divus made quite a few posts praising Nixon. May I ask what convinced you to the opposite direction, Mr. Alex?
        Replied to your PM.

        In brief, I now give far less credit to the Nixon administration for some of the positive developments on the domestic policy side that occurred during those years than I used to, and feel that more weight ought to be given to some of the less-well-known aspects of "Nixinger" diplomacy (ie. while the opening to China and the initiation of detente with the USSR were great successes, the policies that Nixon/Kissinger pursued towards much of the Third World were either appalling or bungled, with the management of the 1971 India/Pakistan crisis and Middle East policy, to say nothing of Latin America, and of course Indochina, being cases in point).


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          Originally posted by Massena View Post
          I wonder if he is going to reply to your post?

          I guess the things really can fly.


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            Well, helicopters and bumblebees aren't supposed to fly either...

            We are not now that strength which in old days
            Moved earth and heaven; that which we are we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts
            Made weak by time and fate but strong in will
            To strive to seek to find and not to yield.


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              Originally posted by Massena View Post
              Well, helicopters and bumblebees aren't supposed to fly either...



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                My least favorites: Buchanan, Jackson, and L.B.J.
                The most you can ever control is yourself.


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                  Ulysses Grant. By the time he was elected president he had fallen in love with the bottle. He was drunk before noon, and nothing ever got done in the eight years he was in office. The taxpayers were being looted but the government was fossilized. This resulted in the economic depression of the 1870s-1880s.
                  When looking for the reason why things go wrong, never rule out stupidity, Murphy's Law Nº 8
                  Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. George Santayana
                  "Ach du schwein" a German parrot captured at Bukoba GEA the only prisoner taken


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                    Originally posted by Massena
                    Well, helicopters and bumblebees aren't supposed to fly either...
                    Helicopters, like Bumblebees, do not fly... they beat the air into submission!

                    Any thoughts otherwise are purely BS!

                    Oh... least fav: PinocchiØ'Bama - no others even come close!

                    On the Plains of Hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, sat down to rest-and resting... died. Adlai E. Stevenson

                    ACG History Today



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                        The worst United States President, for me, was Hoover for their inability to sustain the American economy and thus allowing it to plunge into deep economic depression. I'm aware that it is not entirely their fault, but neither was the division of the Union entirely Andrew Johnson's fault but yet he is considered the worst President.


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                          My thoughts are that Hoover's rugged individualism wasn't suited for a problem the size of the Great Depression-possibly because previous economic problems hadn't been as big and/or the 20s were pretty darn good so not everyone was thinking about hard economic downturn. Those are just my thoughts however-I may be wrong.
                          "A foolish man thinks he knows everything if placed in unexpected difficulty; but he knows not what to answer, if to the test he is put."



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                            [QUOTE=Divus Julius;2115449]There certainly has been, and I am about to add to it with you.

                            The Apollo program as the only thing that he did right? Really? Not resolving the Cuban Missile Crisis?

                            That he helped create!

                            Not launching the Peace Corps?

                            Sargent Shriver did that, not JFK

                            Not making a strong (if somewhat belated) commitment to helping the Civil Rights movement, and sending major legislation concerning the matter to congress (passed after his death)?

                            STRONG commitment? The only strong commitment here should be yours!

                            Not successfully getting through congress legislation that increased the minimum wage, expanded Social Security, appropriated significant new funds for urban development, the Interstate Highway system, and conservation programs? Not working to try and establish Medicare and federal aid to education? Not employing keynesian economic policies to help foster the beginning of the greatest post-WWII economic boom in American history?

                            No, the greatest post WW2 economic boom took place before JFK bought his election. JFK's economic boom was the result of ANTI-Keynesian economic policies by cutting TAXES, thereby increasing revenues to the Federal Government.

                            Not forcing the steel companies to back down when they tried to challenge the administration's industrial relations program? Not expanding America's commitment to the social and economic development of the Third World, and fostering greatly diplomatic relations in Latin America, Africa, India, and the Pacific?

                            No, where exactly is it the Job of POTUS to expand social and economic in OTHER countries, I guess your version of the US Constitution differs from mine and the one in the National Archives.

                            Not working to prevent Israel and China from aquiring nuclear weapons, being the first president to actively pursue the peace process in the Middle East, and in the last year of his life exploring the possibility of achieving rapproachement with Cuba?

                            Yeah, he was extremely successful in those endeavors, typical of a liberal to be given credit by many for his blunders.

                            Not inspiring millions of people with eloquent appeals to notions of public service and social justice? Not being the last president who, throughout his administration, a majority of Americans felt that they could trust.

                            Trust JFK? Who trusted him?

                            JFK's enormous popularity, both at home and abroad, during his brief presidency gives the lie to the assertion that he was "only loved" because he was assassinated. Though his tenure in office was too short for him to establish himself as one of the greatest POTUSs, he easily ranks as one of the top three of the Cold War period, along with Truman and Eisenhower.

                            In your fantasy world perhaps, but his term as President was not successful, Kennedy was beloved because JACKIE was beloved and the fact that JFK was cheating on her every chance he could would have immensely reduced his so called popularity.


                            I don't suppose the point that if America had through the 1920s and '30s been actively engaged in working to provide real force to an organization devoted to fostering successful diplomatic engagement between nations, WWII might have been averted is of any consideration?

                            No, because Hitler only was able to come to power because of the complete lack of integrity in the Treaty of Versailles, Wilson traded away his 14 points for 1, the League of Nations, which was ENTIRELY against the will of the American people, who only wanted to be left alone, again.

                            Or even that when another country announces its intention to indiscriminately target your shipping for sinking and violate its past agreements with you, the use of armed force might be advisable?

                            Germany had more legality in their blockade of the British Isles than Britain did during the 1800's which caused the War of 1812. The FACTS are that Wilson was an anglophile and was shipping weapons in violation of his declaration of neutrality on CIVILIAN LINERS, making them legitimate targets of a blockade.

                            Especially for that matter when your intervention could end a devastating war that promises to have further ruinous consequences for a continent in which many of you key economic interests are tied up.

                            You obviously know NOTHING of history, America's economic interests with Europe during the War was to stay neutral and make tons of money from trading with BOTH sides. We made, literally, TONS of money off the latest European conflagration by being neutral, until Wilson fooled the nation into joining the British.

                            Wilson also gets kudos from me for his New Freedom program, which was definitely the most ambitious and successful domestic policy agenda of any president after those of Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.

                            The NEW FREEDOMS, do you mean the new freedom of blacks that Wilson removed from the Federal Workforce when he introduced segregation(except in jobs that he thought were menial and appropriate for blacks like serving at the White House or as mess stewards in the US Navy?) That kind of new freedoms? The kind where he promoted racism not only in the Federal Government, but in the populace at large by saying the saddest day of his life when he saw Jeff Davis in chains or when he promoted one of the most racist movies of all time, Birth of a Nation, by saying that it was so powerful because the movie was just so true! The movie was full of even more errors than your post here that I have corrected.

                            Not really. You left out the part in which the policies of the New Deal managed to create more than six million private sector jobs in its first four years alone, and provide sufficient direct employment by the government in various relief and development programs that for most of FDR's first eight years, only about 5% of the workforce lacked work of some kind; spurred a 50% increase in nation income over the course of both his first and second terms; in a four year period doubled the nation's industrial output, quadrupled net agricultural income, turned net corporate profits from a record loss to a record high, and massively increased the output of energy utilities and automobile manufacturing; refinanced more than 20% of the privately owned homes in the country and helped spur a massive expansion in homeowning; large-scale national development projects that built schools, hospitals, court-houses, etc by the thousands, along with a volume of roads/highways, bridges, dams, urban projects, etc that constitutes the greatest exercise in national infrastructure development in American history; the modernization of the Tennessee Valley region; bringing electricity to the rural areas of the country; the development of the modern financial system; action to address severe environmental crises affecting the country and a massive conservation program; the empowerment of the labor movement; and not least of all the establishment of a modern social welfare system complete with Social Security, unemployment benefits, a forty hour work week, the abolishment of child labor, etc - all the mechanisms that would enable the US, in the post-WWII period, to support the development (spurred on by massive investment by the federal government in social services) of the greatest mass middle class society in history.

                            LOL, what a load of absolute horse manure! FDR's policies did NOTHING but spend money, the ONLY thing that worked to get the USA out of the Great Depression was WW2! The removal of some 17 million able bodied workers from the workforce and into the military allowed blacks, women, and the unemployed to take those jobs in the Workplace. The WAR also caused most major consumer goods to be rationed or stopped completely, so you had new workers making increased wages(due to war related factory wages) and little ability to purchase goods, so the people saved their money and bought War Bonds. When the WW2 ended and production of consumer goods resumed, we had lots of money in peoples hands and the desire to make a better life for themselves and THAT is what spurred the US economic boom after the war. FDR did NOTHING to achieve that unless you are one of the kooks that believe that FDR ignored the warnings of war with Japan and deliberately allowed Pearl Harbor to occur.

                            Let us see, YOUR false opinion of how much good the policies of FDR were to end the Great Depression or those of his SECTREAS,:

                            "We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong … somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. … I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. … And an enormous debt to boot"

                            Your opinion or that of the Henry Morgenthau, Jr. on how successful FDR's policies to end the Depression were? I think most people will accept the opinion of the man who was there at the time.

                            Your further statements about Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama are just so far from fact, that I am not even going to bother correcting your numerous and erroneous statements.



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                              Originally posted by majormack View Post
                              LOL this is kind of fun. Of course the worst presidents were: FDR, Wilson, LBJ, Carter, and Obama. I am not a big fan of Buchannan (not sure I spelled that correctly).

                              Andrew Johnson was not all that bad, he was a Southerner and due to Lincoln's death the Repubs went after Southerner's with a vengeance. Grant wasn't the problem. He was too trusting of subordinates, who in some cases were crooks. Indian agents for example.

                              George Bush will not go down in history as a great president, or even a near great. His relative "greatness" however shines when compared to Obama.
                              Jefferson is the Worst President of all time. He is given a pass because idiots believe that he "wrote" the Declaration of Independence, he didn't, he DRAFTED the DoI from the works of others, mainly George Mason.(plagiarism wasn't shunned in his day). He was a HORRIFIC executive both as war time Governor of Virginia where he abandoned his post when the British stopped by and as President. Jefferson is given CREDIT for the Louisiana Purchase when he didn't want it and didn't think it was constitutional to add new land to the Republic. He sent James Monroe to Paris to discuss buying SHIPPING RIGHTS out of New Orleans for Mid-Western(today) states products. Napoleon, who had Louisiana for the strict purpose of feeding Haiti, no longer needed it after Haiti rebelled and saw Louisiana as nothing more than a target for the British when the inevitable resumption of war occurred, so he surprised everyone and offered Madison the ENTIRETY of Louisiana to America. Monroe accepted and arranged payment through London and came home with the Treaty and James Madison had to convince Jefferson that the US Constitution did not forbid the addition of new territory and it was Madison that pushed it through the Senate ratification.

                              Jefferson inherited from Adams a thriving economy, diplomatic prestige from around the world and a growing military. Jefferson immediately slashed the military budget believing that a few gunboats in the harbors could protect America's ports when needed and that it would be cheaper to build up the military AFTER a war was declared rather than paying for it during peace. Jefferson then destroyed US diplomatic prestige by his his always changing diplomatic ideas with foreign states and with the Barbary Pirates. Jefferson's destruction of the fledgling USN destroyed any hope of respect from Britain who often blockaded US ports in US waters and captured US ships bound for Europe and impounded the goods as contraband and impressed the sailors for their RN. Even when the RN opened fire on a USN ship (Chesapeake–Leopard Affair) Jefferson furthered destroyed US diplomatic prestige by doing NOTHING.

                              He ended his disastrous time in office by instituting the most idiotic policy in US history. Because France and England were confiscating our ships on the open seas or when they reached port, Jefferson thought that he would get back at France and England by his Embargo Act which didn't stop trade with England and France, It forbade all international trade to and from American ports, American exports declined by over 75%(it would have been more without the smugglers avoiding the law) and it sent the economy into recession. Days before he left office, the Embargo Act was repealed for all nations except for France and England.

                              Jefferson destroyed the US Military, destroyed US diplomatic prestige around the world and finished his tenure in office off by destroying the US economy and sending us into a recession where we had no ability to prepare for the war that Jefferson left for his successor, Madison.

                              The OTHER disaster of a President was Andrew Jackson. He repeatedly violated the US Constitution because he knew better. He removed US Treasury funds from the US Bank and put them into various state banks(which he just happened to be a member of the board drawing salary). He also BLATANTLY violated his oath of office by refusing to do his duty and ENFORCE THE LAW when the Cherokees won their Supreme Court case against the state of Georgia. Rather than enforce a ruling he despised, he ACTIVELY assisted the state of Georgia in removing the people from THEIR land.

                              Roe v Wade is a controversial decision, but we have had Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama ENFORCE the law, even though several of them disagreed with the decision. Imagine the uproar if one of those Presidents not only didn't enforce the laws legalizing abortion, but used the power of the Federal Government to actively enforce his own opinions over that of the Supreme Court??? That is exactly how bad Jackson was!



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                                Originally posted by Divus Julius View Post
                                A remarkably popular bad joke.

                                By remarkably popular, you mean he isn't despised by the entire nation, just 50% of it? It is hilarious that you criticize Nixon and Kissinger for improving their image after a scandal but don't have the same hatred for the despicable Clinton, who is trying to falsify his past.

                                I assume by "wow", you must mean "factually accurate".

                                No, he means "WOW" as in you should be committed for actually believing that your "facts" have ANY validity to them at all.

                                Obama's pre-presidentual record might not be overly substantial, but he put in some good work as a state senator, and at least managed to compile a good voting record in his abreviated term in the Senate. That puts him a cut above the other two to start with, and he has thus far been a far better president to boot (not that it takes that much effort to beat Reagan and Bush in terms of performance as a public official).

                                LOL, as someone who voted for Obama in 2004, your statement here is yet another LIE! Obama's STATE record was abysmal as he usually voted present, meaning he had no desire to put himself on the record one way or the other. His US Senator days were not spent governing, they were spent traveling around the country collecting "donations" for his run for Presidency. His performance as US President has been a disaster and has proven that style may get you elected, but it takes a person with CHARACTER to run the country. I wonder why it is that Obama hasn't learned more from Truman, could it be because he doesn't believe as Truman did, that "the buck stops here"? Despite being President and the MOST POWERFUL MAN in the world, nothing has EVER been Obama's fault.

                                I'd be more inclined to say a mix of Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush, as well as countless other individuals involved in both national politics and the financial sector, but of them all the second Bush certainly can be singled out for particular blame.

                                LOL, more lies, you do realize that Bush was trying to correct the damage done by Clinton and trying to reform Freddie and Fannie and repeatedly asked Congress to do something about it BEFORE the housing bubble burst? Or is that too much truth for you to handle?

                                Radical left-wing class warfare? Not at all - this is just math. That, plus a healthy respect for the economic theories of John Maynard Keynes.
                                You realize that even Keynes has said that Keynesians have gone way overboard on spending? Keynes said that spending SOME money, as long as you could afford it, can help grow an economy out of a recession, but if you spend more money than you can afford, you do NOT help the economy.

                                Your opinions are long on wind and short on facts.