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  • Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft

    Breaking News!

    My new profile book is printed and ready for shipment

    This book is the first book from my own company, a special edition with a limited print run of just 250 copies. This book is intended as a collector’s item, every copy is unique with a individual print run number and signed by myself.

    Included in this book the reader would find my best work up today. The profiles are newly made versions of some previously published aircraft profiles, but first and foremost, stunning new and previously unpublished material. Furthermore, the 124 aircraft profiles included in this volume portray most of the Luftwaffe fighter types used in action, night and daylight fighters alike.

    You could only order the book, Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft, A Limited Edition by Claes Sundin, on my website:

    Please check it out and order it now!


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