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  • Help, in search of resources

    I am attempting to write a paper on the history and purpose of military jargon. So far though I have had no luck in finding any resources on the subject. I can find plenty that list any number of phrases as a dictionary would but nothing including the history. If anyone could point me in the direction of such resources or where to search it would be greatly appreciated.

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    What kind of military "jargon"? Slang used by soldiers? Acronyms? Brevity codes used in radio comms?

    Furthermore, what period are you researching? The terms and words used by the military changed and evolved over time. Another question: what nation and service are you studying since the words used by the British Army in Europe during World War II could mean different things to a Marine serving in the Pacific?
    "The legitimate object of war is a more perfect peace." General William T. Sherman , 20 July 1865


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      I am hoping to cover a brief history or origen and purpose. My intention was to include slang used by soldiers and the phonetic alphabet. I have found a simple history of change on the phonetic alphabet but cannot find anything written covering historyof origins and purpose.


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        There's Fubar: soldier slang of World War II by Gordon Rottman available at most larger book stores. (I just saw it at Barnes and Noble). Or The Language of War by Steve Thorne is available at larger academic libraries.

        On the internet you can search DTIC. It searches military domains better than Google or Bing. For example: this article is about differences in slang and terms between services and nations from 2003.

        Good luck.
        "The legitimate object of war is a more perfect peace." General William T. Sherman , 20 July 1865


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