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***Darkest Hour Teamplay championship tournament registry***

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  • ***Darkest Hour Teamplay championship tournament registry***

    The idea is that teams of 2-3 players can compete as allies against other teams. The 3 possible alliances are Allied, Axis, and your choice of the remaining countries including Russia and China.

    Players can select nations/factions in the order of whoever bids the highest combined victory point differential at the end of the scenario. Differential is the total victory points of the countries played at the beginning of the game(whatever date that is agreed upon) from the victory point total of the countries played at the end of the scenario. If your team does not achieve the number of victory points that they 'bid', they are considered to have gained no points and thus their victory point total is '0'. This is still better than any faction that has lost victory points however.

    I am looking for anyone willing to challenge my 2 allies and myself. We refer to ourselves as EuropaKorps. We are located all over the world so we will have to agree upon a time to play. I hope to create a catalogue of different alliance teams.

    So please let me know if your player friends would like to form a team with you and post the name of your team, along with the best times you have available. Thanks.

    I've begun saving emails and phone numbers of people who represent teams or individuals. I expect to have a number of teams saved and can potentially provide them to other teams who offer a challenge. I will try to match people with others who speak their native language whenever possible.

    Those who wish to register may send me their email through pm.
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