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  • Eric Young Squad Assault

    Hi guys, I have a Mint condition copy, have the box but heck it's just a box. I have the manual too.

    Nothing wrong with the game beyond it exceeds my systems capacity to run it "decently" (hassle with all 3d playing software actually).

    I am not saying I don't like the game, not the reason I am trading it, just not point keeping a game I can't play.

    Looking for a trade, and my interests run to more traditional (read old style hex using turn based) wargames.

    For starters I have these (to cut down on offers I don't require).

    HTTR Highway to the Reich
    TOAW CoW
    Close Combat 2,3,4
    Panzer General series (all)
    Strategic Command
    Panzer Campaigns Sicily, Rzhev 42, Tobruk 41
    Squad Battles Korea

    High on list of interests is.

    Korsun Pocket (truth be known I am waiting on next one more).
    Panzer Campaigns (no specific ones)

    Warning, I don't enjoy services of Pay Pal or possess any of the cliche electronic means of transaction.
    Whatever we do to trade will need to be arranged creatively I guess, and ideally be a cashless game for game swap of some sort.
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.

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    I would be willing to trade Medevil Total War with exspanion for TOAW COW no cash and also throw in a couple of cheep hunting games. Email me at [email protected] if your interested

    Govenour Of Texas and all southern provinces. Kepper Of The Holy Woodchipper.


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      I posssibly detect a misunderstanding in the making here.

      I have TOAW CoW and have zero interest in parting with it (for most of the reasons most of us like it ).

      Hence the reason I mentioned I had it, thus could not be offered it.

      Sadly, if the Medeival Total War was being offered to me, I would have to decline, I don't consider it a grognards wargame (I know plenty like it, but it ain't my bag).

      I had a PM offer from an interested party offering a Panzer Campaign title, but have not had further contact unfortunately.

      So my EYSA is still technically unclaimed totally.

      Rule of thumb with Aries, if the game doesn't have hexes, it is likely not on the list of games I am considering.
      Life is change. Built models for decades.
      Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
      I didn't for a long time either.


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