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A YouTube for military vehicles & Reenactors!

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  • A YouTube for military vehicles & Reenactors!

    Ok, ok, so here it is, a brand new military vehicle website from HMVF - but with a twist.

    Let me introduce you to the HMVF TV, the first of its kind - a YouTube for military vehicles!

    We have all uploaded videos to YouTube only for them to be lost amongst the many millions of videos on there. HMVF TV is a video site specifically for military vehicles and that includes anything from a bicycle to an aircraft carrier, from any country or any era. It is for the military vehicle movement to share video footage from events around the world or simply individuals driving or maintaining their own vehicles.

    We encourage you to be inventive with your videos otherwise clip after clip of convoys will soon bore people. We would like to see people using their imagination. I have many friends in the Gulf who have some interesting MV footage from there so would be pleased to see material like that.

    One unique element(and maybe the first of its kind on the mv scene) we want to encourage is people uploading 'how to' videos - essentially a video workshop manual. An example being how to change a wheel, or UJ; or how to change the oil on a Land Rover, GMC, Ferret, Jeep and pretty much anything else you can think of that helps to exchange knowledge and experience and helps to keep history alive.

    We will have a section called 'a buyers video guide' where those with experience can upload a video on the good and bad points to look for when buying any military vehicle - this is a feature that is designed to help safeguard and inform those of us who haven't a huge amount of experience with military vehicles.

    Above all else the site is to help people to 'keep them rolling' and to have fun and to inspire.

    Rules of engagement.

    All videos will be approved by the team to safeguard everyone from porn and unwanted 'junk'. No modern 'action' footage from current conflicts will be allowed we have no interest in glorifying war or diminishing the reputation of British or foreign armed forces. These factors will be built into the approval process used by the team. Any unwanted footage will be deleted immediately and so too will anything else that isn't relevant - this will be a safe and responsible site.

    We want your feedback. Please let us know what you think and suggestions to improve our service. Please send the link out to all your address books and above all else - enjoy!

    HMVF TV -

    Warm regards.

    Jack and the HMVF Team.


    After the Successful launch of HMVF-TV a YouTube for Military vehicles, planes & equipment with over 14,000 video views in a very short peried we are please to announce that through public demand we have now set up a channel just for your Re-enacting/Living History videos, all videos will be vetted before going live, this will usually take place within a couple of hours, this is to protect us as well as yourselves, we will not allow any distasteful or politically motivated videos on the site, if you do find a video that you think should be removed please don't hesitate to hit the report button..

    HMVF-TV can be found at Re-enacting videos can be found in the channels tab.


    The HMVF Team
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    Military Odyssey 2007 videos uploaded today


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