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Looking for Close Combat 3,4 or 5

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  • Looking for Close Combat 3,4 or 5

    Interested in knowing if anyone is able to offer a good deal.

    I have CC2 A Bridge too Far, and I liked it.

    I have seen a demo for Normandy, and I guess the series has enough merit that I am looking to get it.

    I know I can get CC4 or CC5 from CD Bulge goes for 19 bucks jewel case only, and Normandy is retail box for 14, but I am willing to talk a deal with you guys before I go with the commercial option.

    Soooo anyone got an offer?

    I can go with an individual purchase, or group deal.

    I don't require any literature/packaging, just need the game.
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    My favourite series there Les.

    I had 2 - 5 but have no idea where 2 - 3 went

    If I still had them I would have sent them to you.

    Haha just found CC3 you can have it I will post it to you.

    Ive just tried to install CC3 on my XP machine and at 96% it packed in so the disk might be scratched though I cant see anything. I will send it anway you might be able to get it sorted.
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      I have 2, 3, 4 and 5 plus a couple of add ons for 3 that changes the order of battle.

      Anything to trade?




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        Try All you will pay there is the postage - I think it was about $5.95. I've purchased several back-ups for my CC5 and CC4. They came in about 4 days - the service was excellent. These are actual game disks, not copies etc. They do not have CC3, and they don't come in the box, hence no manual - no frills ;.


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