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anyone played Fortress America?

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  • anyone played Fortress America?

    I recently sat down with several friends and played a boardgame called fortress america, i found it to be cracked out, but did u,any feedback?
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    No, but I have heard of it. I have been wanting to play it but I can't find it anywhere at a reasonable price


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      Thats an old game,think it was made by the same guys who did axis and allies.Theres also 3 other games done by them,one on pirates,a roman civil war game,and one set in medieval japan,it's called Daimyo or something like that.Out of curiousity how much is the fortress america running?I wanted that game since i was a kid,and thought it was no longer made.


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        i found a used copy on EBAY for about 30 bucks, which hurts considering its such an old game. And i u do get ahold of a copy, never, ever, under any circumstance play with only two people. IT ALLOWS FOR FAR FAR TOOOO MUCH SCHEMING AMONGST THE INVADING FOLKS.(yeah i guess u can tell i didnt hold out long as the U.S.)
        Doesn't read Al Franken, can't watch Al Jazeera, will attack dumbasses. Anyone but Rumsfeld '04.


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          Showing my age but I bought it when it first came out. A beer and pretzels game but fun.

          I have three sons and we spent a lot of late nights in heated combat.

          Fun if you can find it anymore.


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            Once there was the original Axis and Allies.
            There was also one set in time of Rome, Conquest of the Empire I think it was called. Very good game, I just don't think it is on sale anymore.
            Plus a silly looking naval game Broadsides and Boarding Parties I think (not sure).
            There is Shogun as it is called (best one of the lot too, still on sale).
            Fortress America is light fun but needs minimum 3 players or its pointless.
            Axis and Allies has spawned Axis and Allies Pacific and Axis and Allies Europe, easily two of the best things to happen to board gaming recently. Same price tage range though.

            About the only thing not done so far yet, is a civil war a Napoleonic and a Fantasy concept.

            Judging from the way Hasbro seems to do business though, I assume no one has mentioned it to them that those designs might sell done the same way.

            They certainly don't seem to do their own thinking. They just seem to prefer to buy up someone else's successful games.
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