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    You might want to take a look at Void Rim if you are really interested in PVP TBS games. It's beta is coming up soon and it's free to play.

    Maybe Check out Void Rim.

    Void Rim the first game from the indie game studio Desert Owl Games has entered public beta. The creators of Void Rim are also the ones responsible for the turn-based strategy game PoxNora, and they intend for all of Void Rim's content to remain accessible to everyone not just paid players. There is a surprising amount of depth in the game so it might be worth checking out. Also, new players are given game currency for the beta, which makes this is a great time to try it out before it is released.

    This initial phase of the public beta is going to include online multiplayer only and is intended to help Desert Owl Games fine tune the base game-play of Void Rim. Public beta players will have access to the in-game store, Tech Manager (loadout customization system), and head-to-head multiplayer. The beta participants will also be able to use the currency they earn from playing matches to purchase booster packs for customizing their faction loadouts, which will allow them to play Void Rim in a way that best fits their personal strategic style.

    Public beta participants will not be under NDA, so anyone is free to live stream matches, post screenshots, and talk freely about Void Rim. Art Griffith, Desert Owl Games Co-Founder, has said, "With this beta we want the players to really push Void Rim to its limits. We want to hear what people think about the game, so everybody is encouraged to post their opinions, thoughts, and more on our official forums."
    About Void Rim: Void Rim is a next-generation online turn-based strategy game set in a science-fantasy universe and designed on Epicís Unreal Engine. Void Rim has a distinctive visual appeal inspired by Steam Punk, Greco-Roman, and Thai aesthetics, which stands out as unique while still being somewhat familiar. Players create their own armies (called loadouts) and engage in head-to-head matches online. All the characters are customizable with numerous unique weapons and powers. In matches players can conduct research or use command abilities to further augment their units or conversely hinder the opposing force. Void Rim is also a fully free-to-play and free-to-win game, as everything in the game can be acquired with relative ease using in-game currency which is earned by playing matches.
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