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Bunch of wargames up for sale here

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  • Bunch of wargames up for sale here

    OK, I took RangerBooBoo's advice and went ahead with eBay to sell my traditional wargames and PC wargames.

    I did want you guys to know though, so here's the list:

    Magazine Wargames:
    COMMAND magazine #17 Gettysburg wargame
    Strategy & Tactics #107 Warsaw Rising
    Strategy & Tactics #116 Manchu
    Strategy & Tactics #138 Napoleon at Eylau
    Strategy & Tactics #147 Holy War: Afghanistan
    Strategy & Tactics #149 Franco-Prussian War
    Strategy & Tactics #151 Friedland & Vittoria
    Strategy & Tactics #154 Russo-Turkish War

    Boxed and "Bookcase" Wargames:
    1776 bookcase wargame by Avalon Hill
    ANZIO wargame by Avalon Hill 4th Edition
    GLOBAL WAR wargame by SPI 1975
    RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN by Avalon Hill 3rd Edition
    VICTORY IN EUROPE wargame by Omega Games
    War And Peace wargame by Avalon Hill 2nd Ed.
    SHELLSHOCK 2-player AMBUSH! by Victory Games
    NAPOLEON'S BATTLES miniatures game ruleset AH

    Mac & PC Wargames / Simulators:
    Imperialism II Mac PC_ _
    Close Combat Mac game WWII D-Day _
    Close Combat A Bridge Too Far Mac and PC _
    Caesar III Mac _
    F/A 18 Hornet 3.0 and Korea
    V For Victory Velikiye Luki wargame
    Patton Strikes Back Mac RARE Battle of Bulge
    Operation Flashpoint Gold Edition infantrysim _
    Civilization II Test of Time PC
    Rainbow Six Rogue Spear PC infantry simulator

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