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Campaign Ozark v1.01 released

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  • Campaign Ozark v1.01 released

    To download go to:

    Changes For Campaign Ozark 1.01
    - Minor changes to several maps (new fencelines at PG, new labels,
    altered treelines, new trails, etc).
    - Pdt file changes to incorporate night combat penalties, trench hexes,
    missing weapon, terrain height.
    - OOB file changes that will not affect current games (unit quality
    changes, name shortening, addnl arty in Lexington relief scenarios,
    better IDs).
    - Fixed 3d icon id for Voerster's Pioneer company (Lyon Campaign
    - AI scripting for Crane Creek scns.
    - Added fatigue to Federal units in the night march PG campaign scns.
    - Objective changes in Crane Creek scenarios.
    - Adjusted fixed units/release schedule in WC, Boonville scenarios.
    - Added Western Army baggage train to WC scenarios.
    - Slightly lengthened the four campaign WC scenarios.
    - Reworked VP sites and conditions in PG and Cane Hill scenarios.
    - Fixed incorrect status of Anderson House position in later Lexington
    scns, changed abatis lines and added more map features, sally ports,
    breastworks to represent static prone siege positions, etc.
    - Changes to Carthage scenarios to simulate disorganized state of MSG.
    - Changes in cavalry VP values in Lexington,Prairie Grove, Wilson's
    and Newtonia scenarios.
    - Changes in WC release schedule.
    - New scenarios (94 total now):
    * Large battle at Boonville between MSG and Lyon's entire force.
    * Carthage variant with force not in initial contact.
    * Wilson's Creek variants with and without fixed units.
    * Pea Ridge variants with our without fixed units and Confed supply.
    * New Lexington scenarios with larger Federal garrison and relief
    * Battle at Spring River (Lyon does not fight at Wilson's Creek).
    - Fixed typos in scenario/campaign descriptions.
    - Fixed Indian units unit designation from inf to cav in PG, fixes 3d
    - "w" weapon is now 2.25in mountain rifle.
    - Lowered Rebel VP loss/gain for artillery to 45 per gun (60/gun for
    Guard battles).
    - Cavalry VP loss/gain varies by scenario (always check conditions prior
    to play).
    - Updated and added to the Ozark Scenario Designer's Notes.
    - Fixed mortar weapon line in pdt file for Lexington scenarios.

    Changes for Campaign Ozark 1.0
    - Added new On-Map Results feature which displays combat results on
    the map rather than in a separate dialog box.
    - Added Night Attack Penalty to parameter data (see Meleeing in
    User Manual).
    - Added feature that routing units will disrupt units in hexes that
    the routing units retreat into.
    - Added Shift feature under Hexes Menu in Scenario Editor for shifting
    units on the map.

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