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    Stuff I want to buy (Used) or trade for

    Talonsoft Battle Ground
    These must be original editions the later versions with the PDF manuals on the disks sometimes will not patch with out files form the earlier editions so if it has a PDF manual I probably don't want it. Don't need to get the manual just the disk but them manuals would be nice

    Bull Run

    Campaign Series
    East Front (not East Front II the very original crappy East front)
    West Front (Again the Original no later morph)

    HPS Games
    French and Indian War

    Peoples General, Disk only with the PDF manual on it (yeah that's Right in this case I want the one with the PDF) Or if someone can point out the PDF on line that would be cool.

    Age of Rifle, original disk only (manual cool but not required) If you have by some miracle a disk with a PDF on it that would be way cool

    Original Printed Manuals only wanted for (don't need the disks)
    Panzer General II
    Pacific General
    Great battles of Alexander
    Great Battles of Hanabal

    Stuff I Got to Trade
    Europe in Flames Set Of East Front II and West Front (pdf Manual On disk)
    Rising Sun (No Manual) But can give you a copy of (pdf from later version)
    Panzer General II (pdf Manual On disk)
    Janes Fleet battles ( good tutorial)
    Sid Meyers Gettysburg (pdf Manual On disk)
    Red Alert (pdf Manual On disk)
    Panzer Comander (With Manual)
    Ground Control (No Manual but good tutorial)
    Silent Service II (Full 1990 version manual and warning 5 floppies)
    Star Legion ( Manual and 3.5Disks )
    Sid Meyers Civilization (Early version 3.5disks with origianl manual)
    Imperialisim (old SSI, Manual and cd that swings both ways MAC and Win 95)

    Lots of 25mm lead figures that I made not games workshop quality by a long shot but acceptable for dablers:^)
    Gator Men with PPSH looking SMG and some with Launcher weapon
    Humans in tear drop helmets with assorted weapons mostly with assault rifle
    Weird Aliens with frog legs and tentacles with Ray guns
    Assorted dwarf mutants with animal heads mostly with assault rifles.
    Generic American Revolution infantry paint as either side
    All unpainted keeping the painted ones for me:^)
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