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The Hall of Remembrance

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  • The Hall of Remembrance

    Since our recent loss of Karakis, who joined ever increasing group of fellow ACGs on better place, I have realised (or as far I am aware) that we don't have a single place for honouring them, rather isolated threads.

    Maybe a solution can be made to make some kind of subforum or something similar?
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    Sounds like a good idea...

    The only three I can think of, were among the finest members of this forum...

    Richa333, Gaz and Kris...
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      Add to that list allsirgarnet and KEN JENSEN.
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        Scout32 is another.
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          I strongly agree! either This thread should be Stickied for the purpose. Or another Forum be created.
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            Agreed. We've lost too many good friends.
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              Mates, after Ken Jensen & Allsirgarnet passed from us, the Staff concurred that we would create such a dedicated place once a bit of time had passed such that its opening would not be so focused upon any one of the (then) 4 that had passed, but rather would be more an all encompassing thing at the time of its open. Now we have our 5th (known) member to honor. I had hoped to do so some time over the last several months,, but RL intervened. But before my own 3 personal loses occurred within but a few months, setting me back a bit, ACG Staff had come to some considerable agreement upon design, format & various elements such that the hard part is relatively concluded. We will be including the many mourning threads that already exist for our friends now gone ahead of us. At this point, I will begin assembling what we all discussed, tweek it until Staff & several forums Piers are satisfied. And only then will we make it so publicly.

              That said, let us focus on mourning the passing of our most recent mate gone now ahead of us, but still lighting our own hearts & know that we as a community most certainly will be honoring our departed mates. The hardest part of design & elements is already complete. We need no more discussion along those lines, nor will we be any more specific of what will be until it exists for all eyes & hearts to see.

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                This bass guitar kills TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  Thanks for the initiative Wes. Can this also be a place for those close to ACG members?


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                    Work in Progress

                    I've been waiting for some technical assistance in setting this up but finally decided to get started.
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                      Many are remembered here. Let's get on with it. The guy in the center was not a good friend but he was killed on 17Apr72.

                      Rest easy Leonard...we never forgot ya man.



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