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Karakris - Very Sad News :(

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    I only had limited chats with him, and though we didn't agree on much, his boundless enthusiasm & ever expanding imagination were always in plain view and heartfelt.

    May his star brighten the heavens where he truly felt at home.

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    • #62 sincere condolences to his family, especially if this was a sudden death, which are the worst kind for the rest of his family...

      I did have dealings with him over the years, he will be sorely missed..


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        Sorry to hear the news.
        My condolences go out to his family and friends.
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          Originally posted by MrRamco001
          Hi I am New Here And Thanks For share information
          Go climb a rope.


          But now at least I discover what happened to Kris. Has anyone been in contact since with his mate Karen? I have missed Kris and wondered where he had got to, shockingly late I learn of his sad passing.
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            Just back from an extended lapse and very sorry to hear about Karakris. He was one of the 'old guard...' RIP.
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