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Allsirgarnet - Sad News to Announce: Our Friend, Allsirgarnet Has Passed Away

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  • Allsirgarnet - Sad News to Announce: Our Friend, Allsirgarnet Has Passed Away

    I learned recently that our friend allsirgarnet had been ill and admitted to a local hospital. Extensive examination revealed that he's been suffering from cancer of the esophagus and the stomach, and that the tumors were judged inoperable. And I've been informed this morning that his condition has taken a turn for the worse.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Gary and his family.
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    Damn, Good man and long year friend.

    One can only pray and wish for the best.

    Marc, if your in contact give him my best regards.
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      Wondered where he had been, definitely sad to hear. Prayers headed his way.
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        Very very sad!
        Never get to meet him
        I am praying for him!


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          Words are inadequate to express my deep sadness upon reading this. Gary was one of the first to befriend me when I signed up to the forum.

          If you're in touch Marc, let him and his family know they are in our hearts and prayers.

          Much love
          - Mad Jack Churchill.


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            Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post
            Damn, Good man and long year friend.
            Definitely a great gentleman.

            He was having difficulty speaking on the phone yesterday, so I doubt he'll be able to speak now. I've been led to understand that the best that can be hoped for now is that he should rest comfortably in the company of his family.

            I never did get to buy him that cold beer.
            I was married for two ******* years! Hell would be like Club Med! - Sam Kinison


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              "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”
              ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

              Gaz alway sees the stars, no matter how dark it is.

              Gaz... Get well soon.
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                Saddened to hear this. Please convey to him my best regards.

                Gary, once you have recovered and read this, you have been in my thoughts as one of the lynchpins of this great community that ACG is.

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                  Thoughts with Gaz at this sad news, praying hard for your recovery mate.
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                    He was also one of the first members to befriend me here at ACG. He is a standup guy and I'll be praying for his recovery.
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                      My Prayers and Thought are with U Gaz...


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                        Prayers & solemn hopes for the best to Gary.

                        He is always the best sort in this community & I pray God grants him the best possible in future days.

                        He is the sort of person I always hope that I might some day become.

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                          Very sad news indeed. I hope that one day a cure will be found and the suffering will come to an end. I 'll pray for him as well. I sure hope they have given him the meds to reduce the pain and suffering. I will miss his posts as will all members on this site. I will pray for his family too as it painful for them to watch him go down hill.
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                            Prayers on the way. God bless you.
                            A new life awaits you in the off world colonies; the chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!


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                              Sad news.

                              Prayers go out to him and his family.
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