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Allsirgarnet - Sad News to Announce: Our Friend, Allsirgarnet Has Passed Away

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    Best wishes to Gaz and his family. This news saddens me greatly, and I hope that his passage was easy.
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      Rest in Peace Gaz
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        I am truly sorry to hear this. He came across as a decent person - if you are in touch with his family please pass on my condolences and let them know how much I (actually all of us on here) thought of him.

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          God what sad news. Gary was a true gentleman as others have said. My thoughts are with his family in this difficult time.


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            Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post
            We can only be thankful that he did not have to suffer long.
            We should be thankful that we knew him, and his brilliant wit.

            For example, he chose the eve of the Olympics to expire. Do you have any idea what a nightmare Heathrow's going to be over the next couple of weeks?

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              perhaps its best when your time is here................that you are taken quickly............sorry to hear of his passing.........


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                I can only echo what others have said here.

                RIP Gaz.


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                  A sad day for the community on AG, he was a valuable member who's posts were always intelligent and sensible, and he will be missed.

                  My thoughts are with his family.


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                    Any words of mine cannot do Gaz proper justice, so I will only offer my condolences for his family and my well wishes.
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                      I can never put a voice to my heart...just ain't no good at it. Seems like offering my sincere condolences falls so short of what I feel.

                      One thing that stands out in this terrible loss though is Marc caring enough to find out what was happening with Gary. No doubt Gary knew he had a true friend hanging with him.

                      RIP Gary.


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                        Originally posted by slick_miester View Post
                        Gary Thomas Steadman Esq -- known to most of y'all as Allsirgarnet -- passed away 1950 BDT (1250 EDT) in Chelmsford, UK. He spent his last day comfortably and with his family.

                        Our loss is heaven's gain -- which is ironic since he's a dyed-in-the-wool atheist. Our prayers should not only help to smooth things over with the Almighty, but seriously **** Gary off.

                        Few are the souls I've known who've so consistently found opportunity in the worst of circumstances. Gary was one of them, and it was my privilege to be called his friend.

                        I hate letting death think he's gotten one over on me. I act cavalier and tell coarse jokes, but today's he's gotten me, and all of us. We'll have the last laugh, however: we're armed with Gary's wit, amazing outside-the-box ideas, and indomitable example. His gifts to us will live on, and we'll all be the richer for them.


                        God bless you and keep you, mate, and grant us your strength to carry on. Amen
                        God keep him close.

                        This month has been a trial for so many.

                        A new life awaits you in the off world colonies; the chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!


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                          It saddens me to read this, RIP mate.
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                          Ernest Hemingway.

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                            I am truly sorry to hear this. I shall remember him and the family in my prayers.

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                              It is truly a blessing if you get that dreaded disease and you're taken home early. I too,have seen it. My dad's sister passed at the age of She was 24 , not 30.Stage 4 ovarian cancer. It hurt to watch. She was in age between Del and Booger. It is hard for a kid of barely 18 to watch,and comprehend. My cousin just told me away from dad,that her mother went in 17 days. She never suffered. As I told her,a blessing.
                              I wish I'd known him.
                              Thank Uncle Del. I had the age wrong.
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                                He shall live forever here on ACG. He was a gentleman and a thinker. His posts always showed him as intelligent and reasonable. He was well read and was eager to share. I shall miss him.

                                RIP Gaz.

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