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North Korea loses, blames lightning!

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  • North Korea loses, blames lightning!

    As dull and boring as soccer is, even I could find this story entertaining. I dare you to read this excuse for failure without snickering:

    "When we stayed in Pyongyang during training our players were hit by lightning, and more than five of them were hospitalised," said coach Kim.

    "Some stayed in hospital and then came to Germany later than the rest of us. The goalkeeper and the four defenders were most affected, and some midfielders as well. The physicians said the players were not capable of participating in the tournament.

    "But World Cup football is the most important and significant event for a footballer, so they don't want to think about anything but football.

    "The fact that they played could be called abnormal, the result of very strong will."
    Finally something more obnoxious than a vuvzela.

    A new life awaits you in the off world colonies; the chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!

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    We need to find out what happens to North Korean teams after world cups. Wasn't there something like a 7:0 loss by the Nork Mens team in the last World Cup?

    Somebody should try to find the reported rosters and see how many names are ever seen again after each tournament.


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      Do not question what the official spokesman for the North Koreans say.


      Baghdad Bob


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