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Cricket World Cup revamp - ICC stich up?

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  • Cricket World Cup revamp - ICC stich up?


    What are your conspiracy theories?

    Why is there no qualification process for the 10th place?

    Why guarentee, now, that Zimbabwe will appear despite the fact they are currently ranked 11th in the world?

    Cricket Ireland chief Warren Deutrom has vowed to fight the country's exclusion from the 2015 World Cup and is not ruling out legal action.

    Deutrom told BBC Sport that Irish cricket had been left "stunned" by the decision to restrict the tournament to the 10 full-member nations.

    "Every avenue is going to be looked into," said Deutrom.

    "This decision could have serious implications both for our playing and financial strength."

    Ireland's spirited displays at the recent World Cup - which saw them complete a historic win over England as well as running the West Indies and Bangladesh close - have been rewarded by a return to the World Cup wilderness until at least 2019.

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    Doesn't seem fair does it and well...just not cricket! If the ICC want the sport to keep growing in popularity and become more competitive internationally then They are really shooting Themselve's in the foot Ireland's success against much more fancied opponent's was one of the highlight's of an otherwise lacklusture world cup.


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      The Cricket playing community is small in Ireland but there is general anger at how unfair this is.
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      validity." - Abraham Lincoln.
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        The cricket community in Ireland has nearly doubled in size since the previous World Cup. The worry for the Irish board must be that 9 of their players play County cricket in England and would be available for selection by the ECB for 2015. They're looking at a potential talent drain with most of their bright young things following Eion Morgan into the English set up.

        It just reeks of a sub-continental stich-up job to me with Bangladesh (who wouldn't be guarenteed to progress in a qualification scenario) and Zimbabwe (traditionally stanch supporters of the Indian cricket authorities currently ranked 11th and who haven't played a full test in how many years?) backing a carve up of the TV monies in return for a blocking move against the top nations of the second tier.

        You have to wonder why now, when Ireland are so close to meeting the requirements to achieve Test status, the rug has been pulled from under them in such a way that may snuff them out entirely.

        Unless the ICC clarifies its frankly incredible decision then they are open to accusations of being rotten to the core


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          Originally posted by E.D. Morel View Post
          The Cricket playing community is small in Ireland but there is general anger at how unfair this is.
          Oh come on E.D when was the last time Ireland beat a test nation in the world cup?
          can you even name , lets say two?
          Cymru am Byth


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            Maybe Ireland just lack's the passionate fanbase of the like's of Bangladesh, as this video demonstrate's...


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