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Australia's new cricket captain.

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  • Australia's new cricket captain.

    Michael Clarke is now our new cricket captain,... (what ever) while Shane Watson is our new vice...... I'd have to admit this is the first time I've been excited as to who is the vice captain.
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    It's a bloody joke! Punter was a bloody good captain considering the tools he had to work with, and he was brought undone by a mindless media campaign designed to sell papers and which the selectors latched onto to save their own arses after some terrible calls over the summer.

    Now if that is not bad enough they give it to that over inflated, up himself egomaniac Clarke. The fans hate him, the team hates him and a couple of months ago he couldn't buy a run - now he holds the most important position in the country.

    Geez I hope the next time he bats he gets hit in the goolies and never walks again thereby saving Australian cricket.

    Yeah, I'm angry.
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      ...not exactly the next Border is he.....???


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        Jeez, couldn't disagree more Rojik.

        Ponting was - is - a champion player but as a captain he was mediocre. My impression was of a man desperate to prove himself a leader; too desperate, perhaps. The idea that he's the victim of a media campaign is absurd - that he survived the summer to lead this team into the World Cup is proof enough of that.

        Not happy with Clarke but realistically there was no other option given how long he's been annointed. IMO it's almost irrelevant anyway, the malaise in Australian cricket goes a lot deeper than the captaincy. If we continue with the current bizarro selection policy and the state system continues to fail to produce well-rounded, quality youngsters than Clarke's quality as a captain will be irrelevant.
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