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What a difference a year makes.

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  • What a difference a year makes.

    For more than a decade sports journalists and commentators have been afraid to do their jobs. The subject of that fear has been the possibility that golfer Tiger Woods would get upset with them and refuse to grant any future interviews. For 14 years members of the sports media have continuously ignored, covered-up or tolerated the antics and flaws that Woods has exhibited since he became a professional. But, now that he has jumped off his pedestal with his well-known off-course activities, it's a feeding frenzy. They can't wait to be the next one to comment, criticize or ridicule the man who until recently was infallible and untouchable. It is like they have been saving up for all that time and have finally found the courage to do their jobs. Its almost enough to make me become a Tiger fan.
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    Did Tiger get special treatment until his "other side" became public knowledge? I will agree with you that he did. But we see the same with big names in any sport.

    Roethlisberger is an excellent example. His negatives, or at least some of them, were known before the two sexual misconduct issues, they just weren't seen as a big deal.

    What do the two athletes have in common? Winning. Winners seem to get special treatment.

    Now, your view of reporters only now doing their jobs is skewed in terms of history. As a youth, athletic heroes like Mantle, famous politicians like John Kennedy, and earlier, Babe Ruth were every bit as bad if not worse.

    Their serious negative activities were well known and to the press and intentionally covered up. Reporting today is much more probing and aggressive in pursuit of negative than it has been in the past.

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