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    Originally posted by BigDog View Post
    I might have taken it wrong (the article). All of the wild speculation over at ESPN in the last few days has kind of ticked me off. Honestly I should know better because ESPN seems to be headed towards national Enquirer levels of reporting.
    Agreed. I don't watch ESPN anymore except during football season just to get the highlights.

    I disagree with it having been all that close to happening. Again I could be wrong but I think it was a negotiation tactic by Texas. I also really don't see where having 16 teams is of that much more of a benefit to a conference. 12 is the magic number, as that gives a championship game and the $$$ that comes with that.
    Someone will write a book. Then all will be known.

    With regards to the SEC I still don't know if they would be all that hot for expansion, again FSU wanted in way back when, but the conference (wisely in my opinion) said no as that would be too many good teams and would just result in conference teams eliminating each other on the national scene. The BCS has alleviated that some what but I think that argument still remains valid.
    I doubt they're very interested now. Circumstances might cause them to reevaluate. Who know? I'm sure ESPN will let us know, though.

    With that said I think if any of the conferences do go to super size it may be from picking up schools from the lesser conferences already in their region. While it does not get you into new TV regions, it takes care of the travel concerns, and the elimination concerns.
    Some may go that way. Others might say to heck with travel issues, we want in to the Northeast tv markets. Money has a way of trumping concerns of distance. Plus, the kids can study on the plane.

    Again speaking of the SEC check out the Wiki page.
    They certainly appear to be in a strong position revenue wise for TV.

    Lastly only a couple of more months until the season starts, I know I am ready for it.
    I'm so ready for football. I've gave up my season tickets for the Hurricanes this year. Too much going on and I'm not convinced Miami is all that interested in returning to championship status. But I've got my Dolphins to keep me excited for football. So thats something.

    And looking at the schedule I see the goofballs in Gatorland scheduled the wrong Miami. LOL They must be still scared of yall. I notice the Canes still have a two game lead in the series. Of course I think you are like me, old enough to remember when Florida was a joke!
    OUTSTANDING! Yes, I remember when the Gators were a joke. And when they took us off their schedule. And the bs reasons they gave for doing so. And Bobby Bowden's well-deserved shots at Florida for doing it.

    I'm sure the Gators aren't afraid of the Canes right now (why should they be; heck Miami can't beat North Carolina anymore). Perhaps one day in the future Miami will be great again. They'll need a new coach and a new attitude. But its possible.


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      Originally posted by R. Evans View Post
      I'm a huge Ohio State fan but I'm tired of seeing them pound Toledo, Bowling Green, Ohio Univ., Kent State and others while only playing 1 good out of conference team a year. Last year it was USC and this year will be Miami (Fla).
      I'd make a bet with you over the game, but I have no confidence the Canes will make a good show of it.

      As for Notre Dame joining the Big 10 (12), screw them! I'm tired of them looking down their noses at the Big 10. Maybe they don't want to join because they know they can't hang with the big hitters of the conference. Hell they'd have a hard time with Indiana let alone Wisconsin, Penn State, or Ohio State and now Nebraska. Notice I pointedly did not mention Michigan. Even though the Wolvies did manage to beat the Irish last season.
      I agree with your sentiments. But if they're interested, the Big 10 (12) will jump.


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        R. Evans I don't see the non-conference games getting better without a playoff.

        The sports press still makes too big of an issue out of a loss, no matter what team a team loses to for many teams to take the risk.

        Also it is not always the case of the big schools looking for an easy win. One of the "cupcakes" Ohio State played a few years ago was Troy University. Troy has consistently scheduled bigger and better schools since they started to move up from division 2. Now that they are 1A they still play the top teams in the country for two reasons, exposure and experience. Troy can get away with this because they are in the Sun Belt conference and the winner of that conference automatically goes to the New Orleans bowl. In other words they can lose every non-conference game on their schedule and it will not matter as far as their post season.

        With regards to Georgia State vs Alabama, GSU's coach is a former head coach at Alabama, so I would suspect that GSU was the one to schedule Alabama again for exposure reasons. There is also the money aspect to consider for the small schools as well.


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