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Blackhawks - Stanley Cup Champs

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  • Blackhawks - Stanley Cup Champs


    I remember when I had moved from the chicago area to tulsa to go to flight school I used to drive 20 miles north east of town just so I could pick them up on the radio whenever a bar couldn't find them on satelite.... am 1000 radio.

    Now some 16 years later, they have finally won the cup!
    Islam... it's a blast - literally.

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    Congrats to the Blackhawks!!

    Better them than the hated Flyers. Nothing but goons. Always have been, always will be.
    Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.


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      Never realized Chicago has any traditions in hockey at all.

      When it comes to winter sports, the city only excels in creating more pot holes when the winter snows melt away.

      Seems like the whole NFL affair is some Canadian league.

      I was taken by surprise but then I don't follow hockey at all-hence my ignorance.

      "Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a ugly brawl."
      --Frederick II, King of Prussia


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        I think you mean NHL not NFL.
        Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.


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          I am not much of a hockey fan, but chicago was jumping today. We had the blackhawks parade and the Cubs v sox series.


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