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Tiger or the field?

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  • Tiger or the field?

    If you had to bet the ranch on picking the winner of this April's Master's, which would you choose, Tiger Woods or everyone else who steps on the first tee?
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    He's favourite with the bookies, i'll be watching to see who is supporting him.
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      I'll back the Field, Woods Will Bomb....


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        I would not bet everything but I can't see Tiger winning this Masters. Personally, I would have far more respect for tiger if he had not entered this tournament. I find it far too convenient that he emerged from sex rehab just in time for Augusta. Let him miss the cut.
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          I don't think that Tiger is as focused as he used to be, given all the circumstances. Also, being shut up in all that "sex therapy" when has he had time to practice? Even with all his other activities and as good as he is, he's got to get out and hit the ball once in a while. I'll go with anyone else but Tiger this time around.
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            This has to be one of the best Masters ever. I was constantly checking for updates on the event. So many great story lines-Tiger,Mickelson,Watson and Couples. I found myself rooting for Couples or Watson to win the damn thing.
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              Phil hit one of the greatest shots I have ever seen on Sunday. The right guy won this tournament.

              tiger's interview at the conclusion of his round was a disgrace. His public relations coaches must have fainted.
              God Save The Republic.


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