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    Dos Santos was with Barcelona on a very youg age. I think he was 17 or something. He signed after Mexico had a great U17 WC.
    It is in deed a great list.
    All warfare is based on deception.
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      The Tournement is over.
      U-15 Club Champion: The Chelsea Boys

      Chelsea beat out Cruz Azul of Mexico.


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        The U-17 Club Champs are Etoile Lusitana Senegal who beat the Bolton Wonderers Youth team 2-1 on Friday.

        Not bad for the boys in Pink. Irish supporters showed up in Pink Shirts and Pink hats to chear on the African team as it beat Bolton to become the 1st African-based club to win a Milk Cup.

        Manchester United was knocked out of the running for the top trophy on Wednesday Qatar based club Aspire.
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          And the winner of the U-19 International Milk Cup is.....



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              The USA U-19 squad beat the Denmark 3:2 on Wednesday and went on to the Final to play host-nation N.Ireland whom they convincingly defeated 3:0 in what was their best performance of the match.

              USA - 3-games, 9pts (3 wins), and a goal differential of +5.
              Not bad for a weeks work. I hope you're paying attention Alex Zahavi! Time to get on board!

              Link to BBC match report -
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                2010 Milk Cup Elite Section Final Standings
                Champion: 1st Place USA
                Second Place: Northern Ireland
                Third Place: Denmark
                Fourth Place: Mexico
                Fifth Place: Japan
                Sixth Place: China


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                  All right, I said that 1st Aspire goal was nice only becuase he showed he can shoot with both feet. 1st shot with the right foot blocked by goalie, but he was able to make the rebound shot with his left and that is what makes it nice...even though it may not have looked fantastic or anything.


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                    FC Porto lost on penalties to the team that would win it all, Etoile Lusitana. This team is directed linked to Portugal, ence Lusitana, due to the fact that is a portuguese, Luis Norton de matos that is running it all. The U17 team is only 8 months old, imagine what they'll be doing in a near future.
                    All warfare is based on deception.
                    Sun Tzu - Art of war - Chapter One - Laying Plans


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