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    A deal has been done with Ross Brawn to buy out Honda, it will now be called Brawn GP, and i am rather pleased. I was a huge fan of Brawn when he was at Ferrari. Let's hope it puts a spark back into F1, and make all the cars equal and see who the best driver is.
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    Interesting. While not in disagreement with the concept of equal cars, I'm not sure I'm in favor of it either. As I was growing up there was a lot of excitement watching how the cars evolved in all the racing leagues and how some pretty radical, although not necessarily winning, designs appeared on the scene. Today when I watch a NASCAR race I can't tell one car from the other. If you read through the rules, there is very, very little you can do to get an edge. Might as well all be one manufacturer. IIRC, Indy racing rules are so narrow that only two engines (may even be one) qualifies. Innovation is dead.
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