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US Formula One team officially anounced today.

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  • US Formula One team officially anounced today.

    Anyone excited about this?

    I think these guys have a lot of things going for them and when they talk about how Nascar treats its fans in comparison with F1 I think they are onto something.

    F1 might finally get some good exposure and treatment here now.
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    NO, sort of like football (non US) I've been to a number of the F1 races across Europe and occasionally watch them on TV. In general pretty boring when to often the race is decided in the pits. 16 - 22 cars start and after a few laps the leader is out driving around the track with no other car in sight. Number of times the lead changes? Less in a whole season than in one NASCAR race. A lot of people get all excited about the new season, I'm not one of them. It use to be a lot of fun driving to the different races and spending the week end partying, but all good things come to and end.

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      I didn't know we still had F1 in the US, I am just woefully ignorant I guess.


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        Originally posted by dhuffjr View Post
        F1 might finally get some good exposure and treatment here now.
        TBH, I don't think the new team will do any good, sorry, but its a trend with new teams to just fall flat on their faces.

        One thing I hope will come out of this is the way the North American sports fans are treated with no rounds currently in NA and in particular the Canadian GP, it was one of the most popular events for both drivers AND fans but they just dump it so we can have another street night race in the mid east or SEA.

        When you come to think of it it's quite stupid because they're trying to make money, but leaving the North American market which has the most commercial exposure in the world for tiny SEA and ME countries makes NO sense. Another point is that they're trying to have more overtaking in the sport but keep moving to street circuits! Canada and Indy always had lots of overtaking.

        Anyways rant over, I hope the new team does OK but I its going to be tough for them
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