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Farve Requests Unconditional Release

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    Originally posted by Slug View Post
    If I were the Packers, this is what I would do.
    It reminds me somewhat of what the San Francisco 4ers went through with Joe Montana, but not exactly.
    Do you guys remember?
    Steve Young the back-up quarterback waited patiently on the 49ers bench learning and waiting for his chance.
    Montana was near the end of his career and the 49ers wanted to go with Young at quarterback.
    Montana went to the Kansas City Chiefs.
    Young started, and both quarterbacks are now in the hall of fame.
    Let Favre go.
    It would have been nice if he retired with a clean break...but he didn't.
    Now he's a distraction to the Packers.
    Just let him go.
    If I were the Packers, I'd bring back Bart Starr.

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      More and more fans are now disgusted with direction Favre is taking right now. Most fans I know support Thompson, Murphy and McCarthy's tough stand on Favre issue.

      If Favre reports to training camp, then it'll speed up the trade process, as it's unlikely Packers will allow Favre to become an additional distraction to the rest of team. Furthermore, it could hurt Rodgers' chance to develop leadership abilities and taking control of locker room.

      I think Favre should have stayed retired. He brought this upon himself, so he's the only one to blame for this mess Packers is in right now.

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